6 Home Remedies for Brittle Nails with Almond Oil

Your nails can become brittle and hard with time. Regular application of thick and gel based nail paints, regular exposure to water and chemical can worsen your nail condition. As a result, your nails can chip thus making it hard and disrupting the shape of the nails.

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We all know that oils are extremely important for our skin and nails. Thus, why not use our favorite almond oil for nail care? Below given are some easy peasy home remedies to treat your brittle nails with almond oil.

1. Soak them in Almond Oil Solution

Make a solution of almond oil and water and dip your nails for a good 5-8 minutes in this solution. Don’t dip your nails for much longer. And after that, take out your nails and don’t wash them off with water. You will notice that your nails will become much more softer gradually and will also have a beautiful natural sheen to it.

2. Rub with Almond Oil

As a weekly regimen or may be twice a week, dip a cotton ball into the almond oil and clean and rub your nails with it, just like you do with a nail paint remover. This will take care of your nails and keep them in good shape.

3. Essential Oil Solution

This is a solution made of almond oil and other oils. You can choose any other essential oil of your choice. Now, make a solution out of the essential oils and almond oil and then, apply it on your nails. Your nail will gradually become softer and have a healthier shine of it’s own.

4. Almond Oil Nail Polish Remover

Why don’t you start a nail care regime which is completely rich in almond oil? Buy a nail polish remover that has maximum almond oil content in it. This way the nail polish remover will be completely healthy and safe for your nails.

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5. Final Coat

You can also do the final step with almond oil. After you have removed the nail paint, keep your nails fresh for some time or may for 2-3 days. Don’t apply the next nail paint immediately. This will make your nail colour naturally pink and will also make them soft at the same time.

6. Base Coat

You can also try to first coat your nails with almond oil and then apply the nail paint. But after applying the almond oil, wait for some time to let it get completely air dry. Then after some time, you can apply your regular nail paint. This will act as a protective shield against the nail paint and protect your nails.

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