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Richa Asks:

I have a query about my hair. I have combination hair type. My scalp is oily and hair is dry and frizzy. Its the worst hair type possible. If I use a clarifying shampoo by himalaya and later a conditioner by the same brand, but my hair ends up being frizzy. Its never smooth. Kindly suggest a good shampoo and conditioner available in India for my hair type. Thanks in advance.


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  1. Hi Richa – these are a few options which have worked for me. Hope it helps you too. I use a regular shampoo and the Dove conditioner. What i do after that is what works for me. i use the Loreal anti-frizz serum after I have towel dried my hair and just before i blow dry it. that helps make the hair smoother and look a lot less dry. The other option is after you have shampoo’ed your hair, use Livon or Mrs marino and rinse it after 2 to 3 mins. The third and also a pretty good option is to use a hair masque (i am using the Loreal masque) about 15 mins before shampoo’ing your hair. shampoo and condition as normal.

      1. Hey Aruna thanks a lot for the tip..But Dove shampoo makes my hair fall…also is there any other shampoo which removes oil from the hair..?

        1. I dont have hair fall problem so not sure which particular ones wud work for this problem. I have also used the Loreal ones which are good. i keep trying different shampoos all the time. i am using Nyle (green bottle) right now 🙂

  2. Agree with Aruna about Dove….I use the Dove daily shine shampoo & conditioner & then use Matrix Biolage serum. It helps a lot with the frizz. I have the same hair type as you have.

      1. :yes: :yes: for matrx hair serum!!! Post straightening I was gng thru the similar phase but now my hair has become much much better .. Try using matrix in the end of ur hair it wiill be lot less frizzy!!!

  3. I have extremely frizzy hair too, Richa. One thing which helps is: shampoo and condition as usual using a moisturizing variety of both. Then towel dry gently and take some anti frizz serum on your palm and rub it a little and start applying to the ends of your hair, along the length and finally on the crown of your head. Don’t start with the top of your head ’cause it will make the hair there all flat. This helps me tame the frizz to an extent.

  4. Richa, Matrix serum is good.. (but avoid using it in scalp)..
    Even i have the same hair type as urs..

    Himalaya shampoo’s increases frizz for me too, but i use the protein conditioner of the same brand.. which is working fine for me..

    And I use Aroma Magic Triphla shampoo…

  5. ya i see one thing is common from what everyone is saying and that is the anti-frizz serum. usually most shampoos work the same way in the sense that it will bring about some softness and volume but the anti-frizz helps keep it down. Just one more tip – if you like coloring your hair, preferably stick to darker colors like the browns and mahogany’s..unfortunately the blonde streaks, highlights give the appearance of dry hair ‘cos of the color. It can look like hay if proper hair products are not used (speaking from experience again :whistle: )

  6. Matrix serum is very good….it tames the hair without making it heavy…you can try loreal paris professional range as far as shampoo is concerned…hope this helps 🙂

  7. try using loreal professional range.. absolute repair or the maroon one for frizzy hair. i forgot its name..but it comes in a maroon transparent bottle..
    use their shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner all from one range.. it reallllyy works!! try it..! O:) O:) O:) O:)

  8. i have the same problem- oily scalp(gets oily just a day after washing) n dry frizzy, coarse hair 🙁 🙁 🙁
    i use dove n panteen shampoo and conditioners from the same brands alternately…i find panteen makes my hair a bit more soft n manageable. :pigtail: i use either matrix or loreal anti frizz serum…this whole routine makes my hair a lil softer but my hair have never been free of frizz no matter what products i try… :silly:
    i am forced to tie up my hair in a pony tail every day :((

  9. For frizziness you should use a serum from matrix/biolage/l’oreal professional ..they have good and reasonably priced serums for frizzy hair..also Dove damage care shampoo and conditioner are good and makes my hair very manageable! Even using Livon helps :waytogo:

  10. i have used matrix serum, l’oreal liss ultime serum, and habib’s serum
    matrix clearly wins 🙂
    but yes..for me livon works too
    also do regular oil treatment atleast once a can use olive/coconut/almond oil or you can also mix them and use 🙂

  11. Richa…do try matrix range of products…their serum especially….I think you will like it.

    Also, if you use, the Loreal 5 damage repair shampoo+ conditioner, it really works to a great extent in controlling frizzy hair and yes, I have frizzy hair too O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

  12. nahin Richa….controlling tho nahin….but it does clean the hair well…….if you have excessive oiliness of scalp and dandruff because of that, then do try, Oriflame Papaya antidandruff shampoo plus conditioner….I found it good….

  13. I have heard about John Frieda Frizz Ease range … Saw the conditioner the other day and was wondering if its any good ? 🙁 Even I have been fighting frizzies for a while now 🙁

  14. i have the same kind of hair and a couple of things that i have grown to love are,

    hot oil applied on hair ends, and left in a shower cap. avoiding oiling your roots too often, they produce a lot of oil anyways.

    i have found a great product in loreal professional series absolute repair conditioning masque. it comes in a yellow dabba. i apply it on damp hair ends, and blow dry ends for 4-5 mins and wash off. it does a great job of conditioning my hair.

    and if u want a natural remedy, just use one egg on your head. dont mix with anything. just egg by itself. the white should be applied to scalp and yellow for hair ends.

  15. Richa, I use Dove intense repair treatment mask once a week, it works great for me.
    Whenever i blow dry my hair(which is very rare for me) I use Loreal smooth intense serum before blow drying. Be gentle with your hair while shampooing, towel/blow drying.

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