The Body Shop Eye Palette: 01 Frosted Pastels Review, Swatches

By Samrita N.

Ola Bonita Chica’s!

If I possess a weakness in my life, it has been for my love of eye shadows. Over the years I seem to have accumulated several palettes that have slowly taken over my makeup dresser. Eye shadow palettes are an easy way to spice up your collection of makeup. Usually the shades put together complement each other very well and you can of course mix and match these with other colours too. Read on if you’re interested to help yourself to this beauty currently on 50% off throughout all The Body Shop outlets in India!
The Body Shop Eye Palette 01 Frosted Pastels (2)

The Body Shop Eye Palette 01 Frosted Pastels (3)
This Body Shop eye palette has been quite a pleasant surprise and upgrade from all of its previous ones in terms of the quality of the product and its packaging. The other shade available leans towards pinky peachy hues, but I was drawn to this palette much more! The size is extremely purse friendly and the four eye shadows can transform you from a day time office look to an evening dinner look. The flip top lip secures magnetically and also has a handy dandy mirror on the inside. They’ve also provided a double ended applicator, a sponge end on one side and an angled synthetic brush on the other. Each eye shadow is 1.8 grams, bringing the total to a happy 7.2 grams of product. I’m sure I will pull out my surgical tools and depot these eye shadows at some point of time, but for now this palette has proved very secure during all the bumps endured car/train/airplane travel. A big bonus goes to the expiry written on the back- I am completely guilty of using a product past expiry usually because it never says what the expiry date is on the product itself!

The Body Shop Eye Palette 01 Frosted Pastels (1)

Product claims:

Suitable for contact lens wearers. Dermatologically tested. Opthalmologically tested.

My experience with The Body Shop Eye Palette: 01 Frosted Pastels:

The four eye shadows provided are a good mix of matte and shiny finishes. Also they all go together very well and blend effortlessly. I’m also impressed with the pigmentation; again I have to say that The Body Shop has come a long way with improving their eye shadows because the lasting power on these is pretty good too. As always it is better to use any eye shadow with a primer, but these started to fade on me after about 6 hours of wear. Key word- fade, not crease! So that has reinforced the positive change of the formulation of these with me!

The Body Shop Eye Palette 01 Frosted Pastels (4)

Shade 1 is a beautiful pearly milky baby pink. This seems to have a finish like the MAC lustre eye shadows do. This is a beautiful colour for a brow bone highlight for a heavy smoky eye in the evening or a simple wash on the lid will have you glowing in spring.
Shade 2 is a matt greyish brown, it is so subtle though and its pigmentation reminds of our favourite Inglot eye shadows. I’m sure this is a close dupe for one of them. This will make a gorgeous outer V shade and an even better all over crease shade for a variety of looks you’re attempting.

Shade 3 is a sexy black matte with the finest silver and turquoise that has caught my eye in a long time. Glitter eye shadows don’t spread as well usually but I have to comment on the easy blending power of this particular shade. Use it in your outer V with a nude on the lid and you’re set to sparkle and shimmy at your next evening function. May I also suggest a cut crease of this shade with shade one washed all over the lid? Aaah- to die for!

The Body Shop Eye Palette 01 Frosted Pastels (5)

The Body Shop Eye Palette 01 Frosted Pastels (6)

The Body Shop Eye Palette 01 Frosted Pastels (7)

Shade 4 is probably the worst one out of the lot. A pearly baby blue eye shadow with silver glitter, applying this is like trying to drive on the Indian roads after the monsoon. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little, but after the spectacular performance of the first three eye shadows I expected this to deliver 110% too. But it does fall short. I think the best way to use this eye shadow would be to gently dab on (after using primer and a nude shade blended in your crease) all over the lid. This is the one that’s given me some fall out, but again that’s more so during application, once these are on they don’t budge!

Pros of The Body Shop Eye Palette: 01 Frosted Pastels:

  • 50% off at The Body Shop all over India right now Go swatch them and fall in love- the other palette available is a beauty too!
  • Handy dandy mirror inside
  • Great colours, good formulation, very blend-able and long lasting.
  • Light enough to be carried easily in your bag
  • Available online too

Cons of The Body Shop Eye Palette: 01 Frosted Pastels:

None whatsoever!

Would I repurchase or recommend The Body Shop Eye Palette: 01 Frosted Pastels?

Yes absolutely to both, I’ve got some discount vouchers for The Body Shop as an ardent follower and I’m looking forward to going to pick the other one available!

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  1. Lovely pallet! And suitable for contact lenses wearers too! That’s so made for me!! But what is the price of the palette!?

    1. Haha, if I muster up the courage then definitely will do soon. My pits of doom- aka under eyes, are something I’m not too confident about!

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