The Brush Guard Review

The Brush Guard

Hi Everybody,

Today I will be reviewing for you, a vital addition to any vanity. It’s The Brush Guard Variety Pack. As Much care we take of our makeup its equally important to take care of your brushes which is exactly what this product will help you do.
The Brush Guard

About The Product:

• While drying – bristles dry in perfect shape
• In use – handle stays clean and grips better
• In storage – no snags or squashing
• On the move – perfect packing

The Brush Guard 2
Price : $5- $9 depending on where you buy from. I bought mine off Amazon.

My Experience with The Brush Guard:

I am a germophobe so using dirty makeup brushes is something that I refuse to do. I mostly clean my brushes once a week maybe more if I use them more often. So much washing was definitely taking a toll on my brushes and I was noticing them lose their shape slowly which is why I decided to get this item after reading rave reviews about it. I must say I am extremely pleased with this product:


This item comes with 6 brush holders. I decided to get the variety pack but they are also sold as a group of similar sizes if you want that. I do find these sizes very appropriate for most of my makeup brushes.

These brush guard are stretchable so they fit snug around you brush and hold the bristle in shape. They are also breathable so your wet brushes will dry even with these on which is what I prefer to do and always after drying my brushes look brand new. Not a hair out of place. I put these brush guards over my wet brushes and place them upside down in a glass which helps all the water drip down. This method is more effective them drying brushes on their side as that might still allow some water to seep inside the brush and ruining the glue that holds it together in the long run.

Do take care not to try to push a smaller size over a larger brush as even though they are stretchable they will still tear.

The Brush Guard 3
I also love using this when I take my brushes with me on travel as it helps keep them very secure and not get ruined in terms of the shape, inside my bag.Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this novel product and would recommend each and every one to get them. Trust me your brushes will thank you back for the love and care you give them.

Pros of The Brush Guard

• Fits snugly over most my brushes.
• Breathable, so my wet brushes will still dry with these on
• Keeps the bristles from losing their shape
• Protects brushes during travels
• Stretchable to some extent
• Very affordable

Cons of The Brush Guard

• Not available easily in stores. Though I have seen them at Walmart on rare days.
• May not fit all your brushes depending on how big or small they are , which is when the size chart comes handy
• It your brushes do not fit snugly , you may not be able to store them upside down but it will still help retain their shape.

IMBB Rating 5/5


17 thoughts on “The Brush Guard Review

    1. I know ..they are difficult to procure especially in India.. Coastal scents also sells a dupe of this..if u every get anything from coastal scents u can put it as add on

    1. Well the beauty market always keeps coming up with innovative product and I personally love to try them and bring them to the imbb Readers..

  1. I so wanted to have these but then realised that I have way too many brushes and i would never be able to use them. But such an awesome innovative product esp for travelling. 🙂 I think now probab i’ d hunt for these for travelling purposes esp. very good review 🙂

    1. Rati..the one I have is the variety pack but they will also come in siliar group like all eye brushes etc.. And with them being so inexpensive u can get them for all ur important brushes for travel and storage

    2. Rati..the one I have is the variety pack but they will also come in similar group like all eye brushes etc.. And with them being so inexpensive u can get them for all ur important brushes for travel and storage

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