18 Things a Dietitian Would Never Eat For Weight Loss

For people who desperately want to lose weight, it’s more about what “not to eat” than what to eat. Just as it is important to eat healthy food, it is of paramount importance to avoid unhealthy food that can toss your weight loss boat roughly and add more calories than the body can burn. In fact, there’s a lot of food out there which have the tag “healthy” attached to them and hidden sugars make their way into everyday food, from everything to bread to sauces, to even breakfast cereals that have become our staple food. In this whole “healthy and non-healthy” food web, we often look up to dieticians who are considered experts with regards to nutrition and food. Also, most people want to know what dieticians would advise on what to eat when trying to lose weight. However, in this post, we would list out things a dietitian would never eat themselves to achieve weight loss. In fact, for weight loss to happen, the emphasis should be on nutrient dense, low-calorie food that would keep the metabolism high to torch calories. Check out the weight loss programs on the Rati Beauty app to lose weight by eating healthy. Now, let’s take a look at some of the foods you should also avoid to shed pounds and trim that waistline.

Things a Dietitian Would Never Eat For Weight Loss

1. Multigrain Bread made from Refined Flour: People often consider multi-grain bread to be a better choice compared to white and brown bread. But are you checking the ingredients list of such breads? Some multi-grain breads are completely made from refined flour – the one thing everyone including even those who do not want to lose weight should shun out. Brown bread is a better choice if you want to eat bread in any case.

2. Sugar-free products: There’s a huge misconception that sugar-free products do not have any sugar in them. On the contrary, regular sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners which go through extensive refining process and usually have fillers to reduce their intense sweetness.  These sweeteners are extensively used in chocolates, candies, jams, jellies, dairy products, soft drinks, etc., to give them the “healthy tag.” To reveal the truth, artificial sweeteners still manage to trigger insulin release and frequent insulin spikes lead up to insulin resistance which can put you into the “pre-diabetic” category.

3. Packaged juices: It’s always advisable to eat fruits in their raw form to get the precious fiber content along with their mineral and vitamins intact. Packaged juices which claim to be made from real fruits have loads of sugar, preservatives, artificial color and flavours, not something you would consider “healthy” by any means.

4. Granola: It’s considered to be a nutritious cereal, but most of them come with high added sugar and loads of calories. Avoid them and switch to traditional Indian breakfast options like idli, poha, paratha, and many other.

5. Greek yogurt with fruits: Plain yogurt is great for weight loss because they feed the healthy bacteria in the gut and keep important fat-burning hormones in balance, but we cannot say the same for flavoured yogurt with high sugar and artificial flavours.

6. Soy Protein: Not all proteins have been created equal and not all benefit weight loss in the same way. For example, soy protein has phytates which prevent mineral absorption and can lead to mineral deficiencies which can stall the whole weight loss process.

7. Instant Noodles: Made with refined flour, preservatives, artificial flavour, taste enhancers, it’s not good for anyone.

8. 0% Fat Food: There are bad fats and then there’s good fat which can in fact boost weight loss. When you shun all sources of “fat” and opt for “0% fat” food, it’s mostly loaded with sugars to make up for the lack of fat content.

9. Fruits in Sugar Syrup: Buying ready-to-eat fruits in sugary syrup is like putting an end to your weight loss efforts. After all, you would be eating more of that calorie-dense sugar syrup with zero nutritional value more than the fruits.

10. Ready-to-drink Coffee Cans: Brew your own coffee! Add coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk to sweeten things up a bit, but stay away from readymade coffee drinks with high sugar content.

11. Fat-free Peanut Butter:  Why eat the peanut butter at all if you want to get rid of the healthy fat in it? Eat peanut butter in moderation and pick the unsweetened regular variety of peanut butter, not the fat-free version.

12. Potato chips/French Fries: When certain starchy foods are cooked at extremely high temperatures, they develop a compound called as “acrylamide” which can cause nerve damage and even trigger cancer.

13. Oats cookies: Most packaged oat cookies with their high unsaturated fat content, sugar content can ruin your weight loss efforts.

14. Brown Bread: Do check the ingredient list of your brown bread to rule out added maida content.

15. Salads from fast food joints: A plate of salad is every dieter’s go-to food, but the ones that you pick from fast-food joints have loads of sauces and condiments added which can sharply spike sodium, sugar, and calorie levels.

16. Margarine: Margarine: A large people is deceived into believing that margarine is a healthy choice compared to plain butter because the former supposedly has less fat content. But the truth is that margarine is whipped up from vegetable oils with a good amount of transfat and that’s where the problem starts – a lot of countries have started to ban artificial transfat because they are linked to increase in cardiovsacular diseases. Opt for plain butter instead.

17. Diet soda: While regular soda is loaded with empty calories with high sugar content, it’s so-called healthier version is equally bad with artificial sweeteners that are linked with increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. While this variety of soda claims to be low on calories, it still manages to spike insulin and trigger the fat storage process. Water is the best beverage ever and nothing can be healthy as plain water.

18. Soft Drinks: Complete no-no even if you do not want to lose weight.

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