Ditch These 11 Things To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Losing weight need not be a complicated process, it’s more about being in calorie deficit, being physically active, and also last not but the least, making smart lifestyle choices like drinking more water, getting more sleep, and eating healthy. To lose weight effectively and to keep it off, it’s also important to eliminate certain foods completely from the diet. People have lost weight successfully by eating real food, practicing portion control, and working out consistently (not necessarily hitting the gym, home workouts are great too), and also by ditching these 12 things completely:

 Ditch These 12 Things To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Ditch These 11 Things To Lose Weight and Keep It Off:

1. Pre-packaged Coffee Drinks: Coffee, world’s most popular and loved beverage boosts weight loss in multiple ways – by boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite; is best drunk “black.” Bottled and packaged coffee drinks are high in calories and have heaps of sugar added to appeal to the tastebuds of customers. But such coffee drinks that are sold at a heavy price tag are noting but sugar shots, that can to increase in waist circumference with regular consumption.
2. Baked Goods: Bread, cakes, muffins, frozen desserts, cookies, scones, cinnamon rolls – these yummy delights can make people to hypersalivate! But these baked goods are high in calories, have refined carbs, and make it extremely difficult to lose weight.
3. Movie Popcorn: The calorie count in movie popcorn which you tend to munch on while watching a thrilling movie, would shock you – it can have anywhere around 400 to 1200 calories and not to mention insane amount of saturated fat and sodium content – completely stay away from them.
4. Diet Soda: Companies advertise diet soda as a better alternative to regular soda, but make no mistake, any kind of soda/cola is bad for weight loss; in fact, diet soda has artificial sweetener which can impact gut health negatively and lower immunity as well.
5. Jam: This sugary jelly delight which we love to apply on breakfast breads and parathas, has a high amount of sugar, preservatives, and if it’s a staple in your breakfast routine, blame it for the reason behind your belly fat.
6. Sugary Cereals: It’s easy to pour out cereal from a box that also claims to have fruits and fortified minerals, but these cereals also have added color (to add vibrant color to the fruits in them), preservatives, and lots of sugar. Our breakfast should ideally be rich in protein and fiber to keep us full and energetic through the day, which these packaged cereals absolutely lack.
7. White Sugar: Dieticians, nutritionists, and weight loss experts at Rati Beauty unanimously agree that white sugar is the #1 roadblock that can totally stall the weight loss journey and at the same time detrimental to overall health as well (increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even certain cancers. It only makes sense to ditch white sugar completely from today.
8. Fizzy Beverages: Soft drinks have only empty calories and excessive amount of sugar that can quickly lead to buildup of belly fat.
9. Flavoured Greek yogurt: Though we might think it as a good source of probiotics, flavoured Greek yogurt are also loaded with artificial color, flavour, preserveratives, and loads of added sugar.
10. Packaged fruit juices: Though these juices may claim to be 100% concentrated juice without any preservatives, but nothing can replace whole fruit with high fiber content. These juices not only lack the precious fiber content, they also might have preservatives and artificial flavours in them. Reading the ingredient list will reveal the whole story and the real truth.
11. Transfat: It’s commonly found in fried food, packaged baked items, and even margarine. There’s enough data and studies to support the fact that regular consumption of transfat-containing food can lead to development of metabolic syndrome, obesity, and certain type of cancers like breast and colon cancer.

Do make a conscious effort to eliminate these foods from your diet to lose weight effectively and rather effortlessly.

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