10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Haircuts

I always land up confused in the salon and go back even more confused.Sometimes I am happy I reached somewhere closer to my dream hair, currently I have bangs and blonde highlights and a not-so-great hair straightening job.Hence it is very important to know what you want from your hair and things no one would tell you about cutting your hair.

Trimming hair will not enable faster hair growth.This is purely a myth that is almost a fact now due to being long in circulation.When you trim your hair, the split ends and the breakage-prone hair might be chopped off, but the hair growth that happens at the hair follicle will not be affected much.You hair would certainly look more healthy with a trim.

Time the trim after say 8 weeks. After 3-4 weeks, the hair ends begin to split and hence 6-8 weeks is when you want to chop off the splits well.Do not trim your hair too often.

Skip shampoo before the cut: I learnt this one the hard way out.The hair dresser would any way give me a thorough shampoo before the cut. The dresser needs clean hair to get you the right cut and layer. Shampooing twice, once at home and again at the salon will only strip moisture off the hair and do nothing else for you.
Customize the layers:Layers always work according to your hair texture. If you are someone like me who gets hair straightening done, straight hair would go for even layers best.If you have tighter curls, then ask your hairdresser to give you uneven layers that will work with curls best.

Dry hair cutting works too: This is really new to me but cutting natural hair when dry unlike many of our salons, will work best for your hair cut. Salons that cut hair when dry, might be experts at their profession, for all you know.

Volunteer for haircuts:If you are someone who can take a chance with haircuts, you can volunteer to be a hair model,I remember my friends did it when some team from Habib’s came to out college for some demo.They got some nice cuts in no time free of cost.

Customize your bangs: It is not necessary bangs on your friends would look as good as some modified side swept bangs on you. Bangs need to be cut according to face shapes. Longer bangs work for square faces and shorter crisp bangs at an angle work for a round face.

Splits travel: You need them trimmed every 6-8 weeks so that the split ends do not reach upwards the hair lengths. More splits means more hair breakage. Hence, do get regular trims to keep them from spreading.
Show and ask:I love this one, I always used to keep some actresses pics to show them to the hair dresser. They would let you know how to get as close as possible to your dream hair cut.They would tell you if the cut would work for your hair texture, face shape, and hair length. I have a friend who has an a-line bob but when other girls reach her salon, they are told this is a high maintenance cut only for straight hair…so you know how it works.

Short hair need more maintenance: If you are someone, who, come summer choose a small hair cut, this will only mean more high maintenance for a cut and also frequent visits o the salon for the upkeep of the cut.It is best to choose a cut that is hassle-free and low maintenance if you like to save up on hair cut money.

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10 thoughts on “10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Haircuts

  1. Lovely post neha… I have a question… Is there any software where u have many hair styles… And u just pin ur face to see to see which one suits u most… Because every time i go to a salon… Different ones, everyone has only one style in vogue… The layer cut… I go in cinfused… And come out even more confused. Also wanted to ask which color would best suit for highlighting straight black hair with nc 30-35 skin tone so that it looks good on everyday basis… And does not shout for attention

      1. Arpita, Actually there are a lot of software programs that help you choose a haricut matching your face shape. The programs let you upload your photograph so that there is no guess work at all in how a certain haircut looks on you.
        If you google something like ” haircut styles software” or something similar, you will get a lot of results.

        Trust me on this, I did this a few years ago and after that, I never had to worry about what hairstyle to go for.

        Ofcourse, all this is a waste if the stylist cannot recreate the look on your hair :).
        So, choose the right stylist, the right style and you are set.

        Good luck!

  2. I liked ur idea of volunteering for hair cuts.. *oye balle* i dnt rememebr wen ws last time i had hair cut.. thank god m nt trimming them more often.. *happydance* Will keep this info handy before going for hair cut nw.. *clap* *clap* superb neha..

  3. I totally agree with the very First Line of the article.
    I instantly felt that this is soooo very true in my case too …
    very well written neha.

  4. I agree with every point here 😀 except first one 😛 You know my hair growth is sooo slow that it takes years for it to just grow 4 inches also *cry* but with frequent trims my hair grows faster *happydance*

  5. Hi neha , I am not getting the term bangs … Can u just explain me on that like exactly what does that mean… Also I am having curly hair and it never looks long( as in for length) is there any natural way rather than straighting or blow drying them…. Can u help in this … I seriously don’t like to have short hair ….

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