12 Things Women With Beautiful Hair Do Every Day

Wondering how on earth some women have silky and smooth hair effortlessly while yours is just a heap of frizzy mess even after trying every haircare product out there which promises silky hair. How many times have you stopped yourself from walking up to women with fabulous hair to ask them what shampoo they are using? Well, they are not brushing their hair 100 times in a day, nobody has that kind of time anymore! So, what are they are doing differently that you are not? Spilling the secrets of women with gorgeous hair in this post, you should include them.

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1. Sleep like a Princess on a Satin Pillow: The surface that you are resting your hair gets to decide how your hair will look when you wake up the following day! Sleeping on cotton pillowcases causes friction (this friction can cause fine lines to show on face as well!). To avoid friction caused by cotton pillowcases, switch to silk or satin covers. Not only will this habit avoid friction but will also keep frizz at bay. Your skin and hair both will thank you forever!

2. Detangle Hair Before Hitting the Bed: There’s a big myth that we should brush hair at least 100 times before hitting the sack to make them soft and smooth; however, nobody has that kind of time or patience, but do remember to detangle hair with a wide-toothed comb to prevent hair breakage. Also, combing a few times before hitting the sack will improve blood circulation and boost hair growth as well.

3. Braid Hair To Wake up with Beach Waves: Braiding will ensure that your hair doesn’t get frizzy or rough when you wake up in the morning. The bonus is that you would wake up with gorgeous beach waves. Braiding also ensures that your hair stays out of your face, preventing breakouts and zits as well.

4. Avoid Tying Hair Too Tight: We did advice you to braid hair before sleeping, but never tie it in a very tight bun or in a ponytail because it may cause hair fall and breakage.

5. Do Not Comb Wet Hair: Remember how every hair care guru asks you to never comb wet hair? Why? Because your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet. Any kind of strain or stress will lead hair breakage or damage. Therefore always shower early if you like your hair to dry naturally or blow dry it before going to bed in order to prevent any hair loss or damage.

6. Use Overnight Treatments Like Serums and Anti-Frizz Overnight Hair Masks: Overnight anti-frizz treatments and serums help a great deal in making hair soft and combat rough, dry hair and split ends as well. Check out these “12 Overnight Hair Treatments to Get Hair of your Dreams.”

7. Massage the Scalp with Nourishing Oils Once or Twice a Week: Hair oils like coconut, olive oil nourish and deeply condition hair as well. Don’t forget to massage your scalp with your choice of oil once or twice a week. This practice will also improve blood circulation and boost hair growth.

8. Don’t Hesitate To Use Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo can be a girl’s best friend on those days when there’s simply no time to shampoo it and when it’s a greasy mess. A good dry shampoo freshens up hair instantly by soaking up excess oil and greasiness, and giving it a good bounce.

9. They Feed Their Hair Nutritious Food: Women with gorgeous hair eat food with hair-friendly nutrients such as protein, iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. Find such nutrient-dense meal plans that would benefit hair, skin on the Rati Beauty diet.

10. Protect Hair From Sun Damage: Thought the harmful sun rays could only damage your skin? No, they are equally harmful for your hair. Cover every strand of hair in a scarf or carry an umbrella while venturing outside.

11. Dilute Shampoo With Water Before Application: It’s the key to fabulous hair and one of the basic rules of shampooing every woman should follow – avoid using shampoo directly on the scalp – dilute shampoo with water in equal parts and only then apply it on hair to prevent overstripping of hair’s natural oils and prevent frizz.

12. Use Conditioner Before Shampoo: As we have mentioned above, using undiluted shampoo can strip hair’s natural oils and make it excessively dry. To counter this, experts suggest a method called “reverse hair wash,” where you apply conditioner first (keep it on for around 3 to 5 minutes) and then rinse hair with a shampoo. This process retains moisture in hair and would help reduce tangles, breakage, split ends, and of course frizziness.

With these tips, you can flaunt the hair of your dreams!

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