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Hi Everyone,

I have used Lacto Calamine, Olay and Lakme ranges etc., My doubt is if i stay in AC then i dont have any problem however when i step out in Chennai weather (hot and humid), its sweating heavily and my face looks oilier. So i need to wipe my face completely or wash it with water, to avoid sweating further.

My skin type is a combination. Please do suggest me a good Tinted Moisturizer or any other cream which is suitable for chennai weather so that it doesnt sweat.



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  1. I know of only two popular TMS available in Indian market – biotique and pond’s. both of them I dont think are quite effective for humid weather,. you may give lotus spf 40 sunscreen a try. it is tinted and matte. also, . you cna even buy the disposable ones keep a compact handy with you and you can blot your face many times during the day. make sure that you wash your face puff regularly. you can also purchase extra face powder puffs form the local cosmetic stores. 🙂

  2. I have recently started using Ponds Tinted moisturizer and I like it a lot. I also have combi/oily skin and though I work in AC but earlier but my face used to get oily in few hours but now it remains matt for easily 5 to 6 hours, also use a matt compact really makes a BIG difference..hope this helps :drunk:

  3. i am using Biotique currently and like it very much and I also recently bought the TBS Blotting papers so I use that during the day when my nose is especially shiny 🙂 using these 2 products helps me a lot..occasionally I will run a compact over my face once I am done with the blotting paper.

  4. shameema….markal calamine is very good as a moisturiser….but it doesnt have sunscreen….wat i do is use markal calamine as a moisturiser & use either lotus matteffect sunscreen spf 40 over it…if I am going out….but when I am at home I use the ponds radiance powder which also contains sunscreen….& this really really works… :thumbsup:

  5. I agree with you completely..

    Its too difficult to manage this kind of skin :chewnails

    And :thanks: for you suggestion

  6. Hm..I’m not sure there are many good TMs in India..but you could use the Biotique or Ponds one,and keep a good compact of your choice and some of the TBS oil blotting sheets. 🙂
    I think Clean & Clear also manufacture blotting papers. You could also try a good matte finish foundation if the TMs aren’t working for you.
    And I can understand your pain.Even I have combination skin type,and I sweat so much that by the end of the day I’m just :chewnails :chewnails and hoping that I don’t look like I just ran a marathon. :methinks:

  7. even I am going to shift to chennai … i wonder how my skin is going to react there .. 🙁
    I also sent a query here .. still not posted .. i think might be a lot of same r already there in the queue.

    But this post helped me out … sorry Shameena … I have no answer but I liked this post as it solved my query too …

    1. its all right khushi..

      Glad that my question helped you.. O:)

      here in chennai most of the months in a year will be humid only :waaa:

    1. :thanks: jomol..

      Will add it to my list… a little bit of moisturizer is enough for my skin.. I think it will suit my skin

  8. Just the right question to ask IMBB at the right time :yes: . Thanks shami, i too hv combination skin and am frm chennai too…. Thanks beauties… Am using the lotus spf 40 and will continue with that…. :yahoo:

  9. I am using Clinique’s TM and it is fabulous!
    I have normal to oily skin and this weather makes it worse :yuck:
    But clinique TM sets to a matte finish and keeps the oiliness at bay for about 4-5 hours for me, which I think is good enough :thumbsup:

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