Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid while Applying Mascara!

Top 5 Mistakes to avoid while applying Mascara!

Recently, on Friendships day, our whole gang decided to go clubbing. Needless to say we picked our ultimate club wear and got all dressed up! (What and an amazing night, it was! Hehe.. ) Anyways, so while, we all took our time to perfect that makeup and outfit. I noticed that, while one of my friends, looked drop dead gorgeous, there was something still bland about her eyes! To my utter dismay while she spend all the time perfecting her eyeliner and eyeshadow, she totally missed out her mascara! Something, I can never imagine leaving my house with! A little mascara goes a long way, especially, when it comes to stealing the limelight.

Top 5 Mistakes to avoid while applying Mascara!

Luckily, I had one in my bag, which I offered her. To which she replied:

“No – Thank you, but mascara does not suit me”

“Errr.. Sorry??? I don’t believe you!!!!” – was my prompt reaction to the statement made by my friend.

“No, but really it does not, I have been using the same one you recommended, but, while it looks good on you, it does not on me.”

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Later that night, I asked her to apply the mascara for me and elaborate her mascara usage schedule. What I discovered that day, is what this article is all about – 5 Mascara applying mistakes you need to avoid! Unfortunately, she is not the only one – many women commit the same mistakes, so here are a few tips and tricks from my diary, which I personally follow and now want to share with you lovelies!

1. APPLYING DRY MASCARA – Do not stick to your mascara till it’s expiration date! All the makeup experts in the world will tell you this – mascaras should be used within 6 months. Yes, 6 months, that is the golden rule! I know, there are many ladies out there who do not apply mascara on daily basis, but sweethearts, mascara dry out – whether you use it or not. So, just use it within 6 months or just throw it out! Unless, you want to step out with dry, flaky looking lashes!


2. NOT CLOSING THE CAP TIGHTLY – Or Worst leaving it in front of the air conditioner! Mascara dry out for a reason, when you apply it – It is supposed to dry out after coming in contact with the air. Close the cap tightly, infact, as soon as you are done applying it!

3. NOT APPLYING MASCARA IN THE INNER CORNER OF YOUR EYES– Use the wand to apply your mascara evenly throughout your lashes. You don’t just apply it in the middle section.

4. PUMPING THE WANT IN AND OUT – Serious, Don’t do this! Even if you have psychologically inhabited this habit– Just give up! It’s a bad, BAD habit! You can’t see the mascara – but when the first time you get your wand out of the tube, the bristles are already packed with the mascara! No point overloading the wand! Be patient with your wand- only then it can do, wonders for you! 😉

Top 5 Mistakes to avoid while applyingMascara!

5. OVERDOING THE COATS – This is the reason your lashes clump. I know many beauty experts advise to apply coats and coats as it helps to highlight your eyes! But, remember even if you are a fan of many coats and can’t really give up after 3- 4. It’s time to let go, when your lashes give the faintest of the idea of clamping up! (Also, wait for about 15 – 20 seconds before you start applying the next coat!)

You will still notice how avoiding these simple mistakes, can help your work better with your mascara and make it your friend, even if your mascara isn’t exactly the best one available in the market.

Hope you find the article useful. Please comment below and let me know if these simple tips helped you out!

Till we meet Next – Stay Beautiful!

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22 thoughts on “Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid while Applying Mascara!

  1. I’m not a mascara person at all 😛 But I won’t say it won’t suit me rofl It’s just that I keep it for very rare occasions 😛 Super post Mridu! Loved reading it! 😀

  2. Thanks Mridu for the tips *jai ho* . I have recently started using mascara, and it has become a must have in my everyday beauty kit. *haan ji*

    One more trick about using mascara is:

    Facing the mirror, tilt your head at 45 degrees and apply mascara in an outward stroke towards the V of your eyebrow. This will help you to keep mascara off your eyelid. *preen*

    1. Hey, Priyanka. Thank you. I like that you find the post informative 🙂 Well, there is no such one favourite! – My all time favourite however are M.A.C False Lashes, Covergirl Lash Blast, Benefit’s They are Real.. On the low end range I prefer the ones from Maybelline 🙂

  3. Mridu, can you please help me as my mascara always tends to give me racoon eyes after few hours … It spreads to my undereye area :((( … No matter what I do or which mascara I use, I face this issue .. Also, my kajal spreads to my undereye area … so for that too.

  4. Hey Shweta,

    If you get racoon eyes – Then go for a good WATERPROOF mascara. If you would like to go for drugstore ones – Go for Maybelline (Falsies, Great Lash) – There is a whole range out there. On the higher end – Chanel Inmitable is good (as far as being water resistant)

    If you Kajal easily spreads to your under eye area. Go for ANTI – SMUDGE kajals. Alternatively you can use a Waterproof Black Eye Pencil.

    Hope these suggestions would help you out and keep you away from the racoon eye effect! *preen* *preen*

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