10 Uses of Baby Oil in Beauty Regimen

I am a huge fan of baby oils. They are the most used, perhaps, abused of my entire stock of personal care products. There are a lot many uses of baby-oils all over the internet and magazines, but I wanted to share with you the ones that have worked for me.

Baby oil uses

1. I use them post-bath, when my body is still damp to give myself a massage. I don’t wipe it off. I let my body dry naturally. My skin remains moisturised for the entire day. Even during the winters, when I skip showers, I make it a point to continue this regimen. I mix equal quantities of water and baby oil and apply it all over my body. My skin feels instantly hydrated and smooth.

 10 Uses of Baby Oil in Beauty Regimen

10 Uses of Baby Oil in my Beauty Regimen (4)

2. I use baby-oil for removing make-up. Sometimes I apply the oil directly all over the face, give it a little massage, and wash off using a good face-wash. When I am willing to work at a leisurely pace, I soak dry tissues in the oil and use it to carefully wipe the make-up off my face, followed by a nice massage using a few drops of the baby-oil itself. Of course I wash it off then. I often carry the baby-oil soaked tissues in zip lock bags, for mid-day usage. And I tell you it does come in handy.
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3. Use baby oil for a smooth shaving experience. Your razor will glide smoothly without causing any rashes or burns 🙂 Awesome, isn’t it?

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Also, I use baby-oil to get rid of the stickiness that lingers post-waxing. It clears off that icky gooey feeling that waxes leave on the skin. Again, the baby oil can either be used directly on the skin or a baby-oil soaked tissue can be used. Both work fine for me.

makeup remover (1)

4. Whenever I run out of under eye gels, I use baby oil. Now, you can’t just dab on a huge amount of oil and leave it on all night. Just take a few drops of the baby oil on your fingers, and massage your eye area for at least two minutes. Then use a dry tissue to remove the excess oil.
baby oil

5. I use them to scrub my lips. I mix a teaspoon of baby oil, half a teaspoon of sugar, a few drops of lemon juice and rub it on my lips for a couple of minutes applying very little pressure. I do this every night before going to bed and I wake up to nice, soft, pink lips. You could also use this mixture on your elbows if you want, but I have never done it.
makeup remover (2)

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6. Whenever I am out of my tinted moisturizers and I don’t want to do the entire foundation routine, I add 3-4 drops of baby oil to the foundation and apply it all over face and neck, followed by finishing powder and I am good to go.

7. During winters, I like to apply baby-oils to my feet liberally, before pulling on socks. I did this twice a day, after taking a bath and before hitting the bed.

8. I have never purchased cuticle oil in my life. Whenever I give myself a manicure, I use baby-oil to give my hands a thorough massage. That does the trick for me.
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9. I use baby oil to tame eye-brows. Just wet your eye brow brush with the oil before you grab a small quantity of shadow with it and then use this to tame your brows.

10. Use Baby-oil soaked tissues to tame your frizzy hair. Never use oil directly on your mane unless you want it get all slick.

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26 thoughts on “10 Uses of Baby Oil in Beauty Regimen

  1. *jai ho* *jai ho* i love baby oils but never imagined these many uses!! *woot* *woot* ossum write up! thanks for sharing!!

  2. love # 6. I bought baby oil a while ago and it just sat in my drawer becos I forgot all that it could be used for and I was too lazy to search for its uses so I threw it away. Time to buy my next bottle I guess and bookmark this page too. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Aru *happydance* ! But with #6 you have to be careful about the quantity of oil you mix with the foundation, it has to be a really small drop,maybe you could add some lotion to it as well. 🙂

  4. Yeeeiii…me too love baby oil..i just apply it every nite on my face and my face is wow in the morning..but didn’t know it can be used in so many different ways..Thank you Sushmita for such a useful n lovely post..

  5. These all are very helpful tips I like the last one a lot.. Usually When I skip conditioners after hair wash, What all i get is frizzy hair! So I will try this tip and share the same here 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the post Sushmitha.. I’d like add one more.. Applying few drops baby oil after shower on hands gives a shiny glow.. I just luv it.. Also, for some of the points like using as alternative for under eye cream and make up remover a gud quality coconut oil works even better.

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