Does Vaseline Increase Breast Size?

Vaseline is a well-known brand that makes petroleum jelly and it is used widely in household to treat everything from burns to chapped lips to painful cuticles. Interestingly, Vaseline doesn’t add moisture to the skin, it just forms a barrier and locks in moisture in the skin. The product is a mix of waxes and mineral oils, and is a part of many health and beauty routines. Recently, there is a new fad on social media that popularizes Vaseline as a product to increase breast size and firmness. The idea is that by massaging your breasts with Vaseline every day for a month, you can increase your cup size. It may sound unbelievable, but many women swear by this method. But scientifically, does Vaseline increase breast size? Though there is no harm in trying out this method, before you do that, read on to know whether it is true. In this post, we would clear your doubt, “Does Vaseline Increase Breast Size?”

Does Vaseline Increase Breast Size

There’s no clinical evidence that applying Vaseline to your breasts will increase their size or firmness. So, rubbing the product on your chest each night will not cause them to grow. Also, there is no risk in applying them to your breasts as long as you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients or waxes in Vaseline. So, the major fact behind this myth is that any boob growth has more to do with the actual massaging rather than applying Vaseline. Massaging the breasts will improve blood circulation and enhance breast growth.

Also for centuries, Asian women have been massaging their breasts to achieve bigger size. So, petroleum jelly or Vaseline would not be putting plastic surgeons out of their jobs anytime soon because there are no breast-enhancing properties associated with Vaseline.

To conclude, breast augmentation surgery is the only guaranteed way to increase breast size. But, be aware that there are risks, side effects and high cost to consider with surgery. So, it is always good to consult with your doctor before undergoing the process. Also as a temporary measure, you could buy a bra that has built-in enhancements or the silicone breast inserts (sometimes called chicken cutlets) worn inside a bra to make breasts look larger beneath clothing. So till then, do not believe in such crazy ideas!


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