Wahl All Body Massage Powerful Therapeutic Massager Review

Wahl All Body Massage Powerful Therapeutic Massager Review

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Today’s review is a little different than the usual beauty products. Its about Wahl All Body Massage Powerful Therapeutic Massager.  Many would consider this to be a luxury item, but in my opinion, with the hectic lifestyle we live now, this is a must have. Not all of us can afford to go to spas ever so often to relax and unwind.  For people like us, this is like a spa in your own hands. This can be used for beautifying as well as therapeutic purposes. Read on to find out why I am so in love with this product.

Wahl All Body Massage Powerful Therapeutic Massager Review

Product Description:

  • Lightweight, handheld massager for home use.
  • Seven attachments provide a customizable massage for every part of the body.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design for a steady grip.
  • Two speed settings for soft or deep pressure.
  • Plugs into a standard outlet for convenience.

Body Massager 1

With two speed settings and a lightweight, ergonomic design, the Wahl All-Body massager allows you to relieve aches and muscle pain in the comfort of your own home. For a customized experience, the massager includes seven separate attachments that provide different types of massage, from a light touch for facials to a deep tissue massage. A contoured, multi-grip handle offers a sure grip and easy maneuverability.  The All-Body Massager features two different attachments for kneading and deep muscle massage.  The low setting offers a light, soothing massage that is ideal for facials.  Seven Attachments for a Customizable Massage.  Whether you’re looking to knead your muscles after a long bike ride or massage your scalp after a day at the office, the All-body Massager comes equipped with seven different attachments that are easily interchangeable to fit your massage needs.

Body Massager 2

Body Massager 3

A facial attachment provides a smooth surface for a light, gentle massage to the face, while the scalp massager stimulates blood flow to your brain using acupressure points. Two different attachments for muscle groups–for kneading and deep muscle massage–provide the stimulation you need for areas like the back and hamstrings.  A specialized knuckle and joint attachment is shaped like a triangle so it can fit into those hard-to-reach joint areas, and a spot application attachment provides pinpoint pressure wherever you need it the most. Finally, a general body attachment offers soothing and calming massage for anywhere on the body.  Ergonomic Design with Multi-Grip.

Body Massager 4

The compact, lightweight All-body Massager is designed with an ergonomic handle that helps you avoid awkward angles and uncomfortable positions. A multi-grip prevents slipping and allows you to reach every part of your body. For added convenience, the portable massager is small enough to toss into a suitcase or gym bag.

Body Massager 5

Two-Speed Settings:  The massager offers two speed settings–a low setting for a light, soothing massage, and a high setting when you prefer intense, deep penetration for large muscle groups. It plugs into a standard outlet for convenience and delivers a powerful massage with a whisper-quiet motor.

Body Massager 6

What’s in the Box:

The Wahl All-Body massager comes in a pharmacy box with seven attachments, and an English/Spanish instruction guide.

Body Massager 7


$20 to $ 30 depending from where you buy it.

Body Massager 8

My Experience with Wahl All Body Massage Powerful Therapeutic Massager:

I am so in love with this product. It is my favourite companion on those hard and stressful days.  It is so lightweight, easy-to-use, and the best thing about it is that it has a 9-foot corded power supply which makes it powerful enough and you won’t have to constantly worry about replacing batteries.  The cord is long enough to plug in your bedside socket.  It has 2 speed settings – low and high.  High works really well for painful areas but it vibrates really hard, so your hand gets tired from holding it after a while. It is a little hard to use on your own back because you need to keep holding it, but you can always ask help of someone close to you, like your hubby 😛

Body Massager 9

All the seven attachments are easy to attach and are useful in some way, but the facial attachment is my favourite out of all.  Here’s a detailed review of all the attachments:

1.General Body:

Body Massager 10

It the most universal attachment of all. You can practically use it anywhere on your body and the round shape of it delivers even vibrations to a good amount of area. Best used over the feet.

2. Facial:

Facial Massager

This attachment is so useful. You can use it on dry face but using it with a cold cream helps it to glide better and not to mention all the benefits of massaging your face. You get better blood supply in your face which makes the face glow and helps reduce dark circles.

3.  Muscle kneading:

Muscle Massager

Because of its wavy shape, it glides over the skin and stimulates blood flow. Best used for areas of pain in neck and back.

4. Scalp:

This is a great attachment. Shaped a little like a comb, so you can brush it through your scalp. 15 minutes of this and all your headache is gone . It even helps promote healthy hair growth.

5. Knuckle and Joint:

Knuckle Massager

Because of its triangular shape, it is easy to get into joint areas such as knees and elbows.

6. Deep Muscle:

Deep Muscle Massager

Helps to get into deep muscle and tissues to loosen knots.

7. Spot Application:

Spot Application

Useful for getting relief in a particular painful spot.

Body Massager 11

Body Massager

Final Word:

At this price, it is a steal, so I bought one for my mother who is an arthritis patient and another for myself!

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  1. Neha….this sounds so awesome….wish we could get it here….I would get it in a moment. BTW, I have one Kolvin massager that is a complete trash…..

  2. hey guys there is a cheaper version of this, with fewer attachments available at new beauty centre. i have it, and while i dont advise its use for facial areas, but for bodyaches and head massage it works pretty well.. of course it is sold for some 500 odd , so dont expect miracles or great looks .. it looks like it belongs to a mechanic’s toolbox than a vanity box

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