12 Simple Ways to Eliminate Refined Carbs from Diet

Dieticians and health experts always underline the importance of cutting out refined carbs from the diet and switching to complex carbs and whole foods instead, not only to lose weight but to improve overall health as well. Refined carbs can also be called “diet saboteurs” because they have high amount of empty calories without any significant nutrient value that get digested fast, raise blood sugar level, and trigger a sharp insulin response. As we all know, insulin is also a hormone that commands your body to store fat, and more the insulin spikes, more are the chances of all those extra empty calories getting stored as fat, especially around the belly region. Also, a daily diet rich in refined carbs makes it difficult to access stored body fat even with intense exercise routine because the body torches up carbs made readily available through food instead of stored fat. Taking into consideration all these factors, it would be a good idea to get rid of refined carbs, and in this post, we list out simple ways to do so.

Simple Ways to Eliminate Refined Carbs from Diet

1. Avoid refined sugar – we would advise you give up sugar and look for natural sweeteners like honey and Stevia leaves instead.

2. Pick brown bread over white one, no jam or chocolate spread please.

3. Ditch candies, toffee, milk chocolates for dark chocolate.

4. Swap with potato chips with these “12 Healthier Alternatives to Potato Chips.”

5. Avoid packaged cereals and switch to traditional nutrient-rich breakfasts oats, poha, dosa, idli, thepla, moong dal cheela, etc.

6. Use oatmeal, almond flour, whole wheat flour, coconut flour, etc. to bake cakes instead of refined flour (maida). Also read: “9 Healthiest Flour Options to Bake Cakes.”

7. Avoid fizzy drinks and sweetened beverages – good old plain water is the best because it has no calories!

8. Don’t add creamer to your coffee, drink it black.

9. Prefer non-flavoured yogurt over sugar-loaded flavoured yogurt.

10. Avoid store-bought salad dressings in salads.

11. Say no to jam and sauces.

12. Avoid white pasta, relish whole wheat or brown rice pasta.

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