10 Ways to Reverse Ageing Signs on Hands

Ageing is a serious concern for a majority of women out there, but do you think your face only shows signs of ageing? Then, you are completely wrong. Your hands are in fact the first area where the first signs of ageing become visible. Chemical exposure, sun exposure, daily outdoor activities take a heavy toll and reduce the production of collagen on your hands. When the natural skin protein agent, collagen production drops with age, your hands start showing a dull and wrinkly appearance. Sometimes, it makes you look so aged that it eats away your self confidence. Hence, in this post, we will talk about some vital anti-ageing hand care tips that can help you get back that younger-looking appearance. To know 10 ways to reverse ageing signs of hands, read on further:

Ways to Reverse Ageing Signs on Hands

1. Apply sunscreen to protect your hands: The delicate skin of our hands gets affected by the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Hence, long hours of sun exposure accelerates the ageing process of hands. One of the easiest ways to reverse signs of ageing on hands is to make it a religious routine to apply sunscreen on your hands. Just as a sunscreen would act as a shield for your face, this application will protect your hands from sun damage as well. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 and use it throughout the year, mostly between 12 am and 4 pm when the sun has the highest intensity of sunlight.

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2. Moisturisation to the rescue: For any skin-related issue, proper moisturisation is the key to restore softness and youthfulness. And this rule applies to our hands as well. Chemical exposure and daily activities makes our hands appear dry, scaly and wrinkly. So, the key take way from this is to properly moisturize your hands whenever possible and mandatorily every night before you sleep. Make it a part of basic skincare routine. Invest in a proper protein-rich hand cream formula with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and skin-lightening extracts to give a plump and glowing look to the hands. Use a retinol-based hand cream if your hands have a wrinkly appearance. For women who spend long hours near the computer, it would be a wise idea to apply copious amounts lightweight hand creams to keep their hands hydrated and soft.

3. Turn on the glow with nail paints: A great hack to take away the attention from mature hands and protruding veins on them is to paint your nails with a flattering nail colour. Dark colours of black and blue can make your hands look more mature. Hence, invest in proper nail paint shades that can amp up the glow in no time. A poppy pink or neon orange can actually make your hands look youthful and save you from drawing unwanted attention on your wrinkly skin. Also, make sure to give your nails proper cut and shape as this helps you look sophisticated. Applying nail polish also helps to keep the health of your nails intact and protects from chemical and heat damage.

4. Reduce water exposure on hands: While it’s completely impossible to reduce your exposure to water for protecting your hands, you can always minimize the time period of your water exposure on your hands. Keep them immersed in water for as less time as possible. For this, you can also reduce water-related activities like swimming or washing utensils. Do not wash your hands with rough soaps or detergents, use mild hand soaps and after you wash your hands with water make sure to follow up with a moisturizer.

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5. Exfoliate hands once a week: Just like our body and face, our hands need exfoliation too. Dead skin cells accumulate on the hands and renders it a flaky and dull look. To exfoliate your hands, you should use gentle exfoliators that are not too harsh for the skin and also doesn’t make your skin feel dry. You can also try home-based exfoliators for your hands. For example, you can prepare a gentle and effective hand scrub by mixing a teaspoon of sugar with coconut oil and add some honey to it. Regular application of this will really make your hands soft and help to eliminate dead skin cells from hands.

6. Giving proper protection to your nails: Our hands often look aged due to brittle nails. So, the need of the hour is to give proper care to your nails. The health of our nails get deteriorated by chemical exposure, hence you have to be careful about what chemical compounds come in contact with them. Detergents and soaps take a heavy toll on your nails, wash your hands with a mild, unscented soap only. For cleaning of utensils, use latex or cotton-lined gloves to protect them against any chemical exposure. Also, use acetone-free nail polish removers to reduce the risk of brittle nails. You should also use nail strengthening nail enamels and cuticle creams to improve the condition of your nails. One can also try B vitamin biotin supplements to nail strength and reduces brittleness.

7. Wearing gloves to protect your hands: Dry and cold weather can make your hands dry and scaly. So, you must always try to keep your hands covered up whenever possible. While driving the car, going for walks, bike riding or taking a stroll in the morning, wear gloves to prevent any moisture loss.

8. Visit a dermatologist once in a while: Whether you are in your 30’s or 40’s, you should occasionally go that extra mile to keep your hands look beautiful and polished. Depending on what type of problem your hands have, a dermatologist can suggest specialized treatment procedures. It would take multiple sessions but the results would surely show up faster. For anti-ageing effects, your doctor can suggest fillers while as chemical exfoliation, you might also be asked for micro abrasion.

9. Make hand creams your best friend: Carry a hand cream wherever you go. Depending on your skin type, you should obtain your hand cream. Don’t wait for your skin to feel dry, just apply a hand cream round the clock to keep the moisture content intact. These small changes will slow down the ageing process of your hands. Choose hand creams that have glycerin, Shea butter, lanolin in them. These are intensely moisturizing ingredients and form a protective barrier by preventing moisture from evaporating.

10. Lifestyle changes: Along with the above mentioned remedies, one should also pay importance to one’s lifestyle for younger-looking hands. You have to quit smoking and drinking mandatorily. Diet plans including inclusion fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, proper sleep and regular workouts also influence the health of your hands. So, make sure you incorporate them if you want good results.
All these tips are equally vital but moisturizing your hands is going to benefit you the most. So, follow these tips religiously and experience beautiful and youthful hands. Stay pretty and healthy always!!


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