9 Ways To Shed Stubborn Fat

Even after months of dieting and working out, and all of that stubborn fat is still clinging on? Well, it’s a kind of fat stored in cells with alpha receptors that do not readily participate in the fat-burning process, and quite difficult to get rid of. Experts say, a little more effort and a few more strategies would be required to get rid of fat around the belly, thighs, arms, and butt area, but the good news is that it’s possible! Be consistent with exercise, maintain that calorie deficit, and the results will definitely show, but also do incorporate these 9 ways that would help to shed all stored fat, including the stubborn one.

10 Ways To Shed Stubborn Fat

1. Eat plenty of Protein and Fiber: Eating a diet rich in protein and fiber would boost weight loss a great deal. Both soluble fiber and protein are appetite suppressants that help you remain fuller for longer hours. Several studies have found out that eating soluble fiber and protein lower the level of ghrelin (hunger hormone). With protein, there’s a bonus point too – you will not only lose weight, your body will begin to take shape with retention of muscles and if you are working out, new muscles will show up. Find protein and fiber-rich weight loss plans on the Rati Beauty Diet.

2. Ditch the Sugar: Excess consumption of sugar not only heightens the risk of diabetes, it is also the number one reason why you aren’t able to lose belly fat. Ditch sugar in all forms, from white refined sugar to the ones that make their way into your diet through processed food/junk food. You can consume stevia as an alternative, or use honey instead.

3. Chalk a Cardio Routine: This form of exercise helps to shed considerable amount of weight. You can walk, jog, run on a treadmill for 30 minutes and try a HIIT workout or use cycling, stair mill, spin bike, elliptical machines at the gym to burn higher calories. If you can’t join a gym, you can definitely run/jog at your nearest park and try HIIT workouts from the Rati Beauty app. Also read: “15 Weight Loss Tips for Busy Girls.”

4. Cut Down Carbs: There’s no need to avoid all forms of carbs, just eliminate the ones with simple carbs – avoid white flour (maida) and replace it with multi-grain flour or wheat flour. You can also switch your roti with healthy salad bowl/fruit bowl/home-made vegetables soups. Also, avoid packaged fruit juices, flavoured yogurt, white bread, sweetened cereals, low-fat labelled dressing, honey, sugar, potato chips to avoid sugar as well as refined carbs together.

5. Replace your Cooking Oil with Olive Oil: Say bye-bye to your regular cooking oil and welcome olive oil and coconut oil into your kitchen. No matter what the brand says, a majority of vegetable and seed oils are unhealthy for the body. According to studies, obese men who consumed coconut oil for 12 weeks lost 1.1 inch per week! Coconut oil is high in calories and saturated fat, but it has been found to boost weight loss when consumed in moderation. Even though olive oil is considered the healthiest oil, use it moderately as well, measure it out in teaspoons, rather than pouring it out to make dishes.

6. Maintain Calorie Deficit: Eat mindfully and practice portion control with every meal. Eat healthy food in limited portions to burn your calories. In order to lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories and burn more calories. You can hand over this responsibility of getting you into calorie deficit to Rati Beauty Diet.

7. Try These Ways To Boost Metabolism: When a person’s metabolism is robust, it means he/she is burning more calories throughout the day. Metabolism is considered body’s engine that torches calories. So, people with a good metabolism tend to burn more calories. To burn fat and torch more calories, it’s important to keep the metabolism high. Here are “21 More Tricks to Boost your Metabolism” in this post.

8. Avoid Processed Food with Transfat: Transfat makes body cells insulin resistant and eventually the cells stop responding to the activity of insulin, raising blood sugar levels abnormally and that leads to diabetes. It’s commonly found in fried food, packaged baked items, and even margarine (that’s considered a healthy alternative to butter).

9. Sleep like a baby: Did you know that people who don’t get enough sleep tend to gain more weight and much of it is belly fat. Get plenty of sleep each night to lose weight, because staying up even for two or three nights in a row can make it extremely difficult to shed weight. Bonus- good sleep would also fade away those dark circles and you would notice a nice glow on the skin in the morning.

Hope you follow the following tips and get the body of your dreams! Eat healthy go lean!

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