8 Ways To Help a Loved One Lose Weight

Obesity has become an epidemic and a root cause for many diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular issue, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. Increased stress, poor sleep, wrong dietary habits, increasing popularity of cheap fast food, sedentary lifestyle, lack of movement, are factors that contribute to weight gain. Since obesity and the life-threatening diseases are interlinked, it would be painful to see your loved one, whether it’s your husband/wife, sister, or bestie struggling to lose weight in order to get healthy and fit. Apart from being supportive, you can be their good samaritan, and cheerlead them on,  motivating them to shed unhealthy pounds, so here are some ways to help a loved one to lose weight so that they can lead a healthy and disease-free life.

Ways To Help a Loved One Lose Weight

1. Stop Being a Food Police: It’s understandable that you want to help your loved one, but being a food police whenever they are around food is a wrong strategy that would most likely hurt them. Your good intention might not go down well if you put across questions like these “should you be eating that?”, “Are you sure you can have a second bite of that pizza.” Constant nagging about someone’s food choices can seriously dampen the other person’s spirits. Don’t be a food police, throw subtle hints about how such food can jeopardize their goals if you want to help.
2. Gift them Rati Beauty Diet Weight Loss Program: All the diet programs and exercise routines on Rati Beauty app help people of all ages to lose weight the healthy way, without compromising on nutrition. The best thing is that this diet is not based on food deprivation or crash dieting, and your loved one would thank you forever for showing them the correct way. Also, this diet is sustainable and there’s no chance that someone would bounce back to their earlier weight.
3. Stop Being a Food Pusher: Do not become a “food pusher” who tempts the other person to eat more food or just basically eat unhealthy food that’s not part of their diet. You would unknowingly derail their weight loss plan this way. “Food pusher” is a term that is relatively new, but they are people around who act as “enablers,” tempting others to eat more food, and can hamper someone’s weight loss goals. It becomes extremely difficult to say “no” to food pushers, especially when they are family, friends, and relatives. But if you want to help your loved one to shed weight, stop being a food pusher and do not tempt them to take a bite or nibble off food that’s not right for them.
4. Prepare A Weight-Loss Friendly Grocery List for them: Make sure your loved one goes to the grocery store with a list and encourage them to stick to it. It’s easy to pick unhealthy stuff from supermarket aisles without a list. In fact, here’s a list of “99 Grocery Items that any Dietician Would Approve.”
5. Help them Clear out Kitchen and Pantry: Help them clear the kitchen/fridge/pantry of processed, junk, and processed food. The theory of “out of sight, out of mind” works here where unhealthy and high-calorie food would be out of reach for them and so they would not indulge in such food often. If you are confused about which foods to clear, here’s a list that you can take as reference – Foods from the Supermarket that are Terrible for Weight Loss 
5. Be a part of their workout routine: Taking your loved one along on a daily walk is a good way to kickstart his/her weight loss journey. Brisk walking for 40 minutes to 1 hour can help burn calories, normalize blood pressure levels, boost immune system, and keep lifestyle diseases at bay. So, walking daily is not only great for your friend/relative/spouse who needs to lose weight, it’s amazing for your health too. Also, you could take gym membership and workout together, and keep each other motivated to get healthy.
6. Celebrate with Non-Food Victories: Most of us celebrate achievements with food, but with your loved one’s health at stake, look for other ways to celebrate small and big achievements, like attending movies and spa sessions together.
7. Cheer them, celebrate small milestones: Even if they have managed to lose a kg, be proud, and motivate them to work more. It’s a reality that other people fail to notice any visible change in someone unless a considerable amount of kilos have been lost. Recognize and celebrate your friend’s mini achievements with regards to weight loss, even if it’s a 2-kg drop because any kind of encouragement would motivate the person to keep on the track to lose weight.
8. Encourage them to sleep early: Getting good quality sleep during the night can disturb the sleep pattern leading to slow metabolism, increase in hunger hormone (ghrelin), decrease in fullness hormone (leptin), increased cortisol level leading to fat storage, and decreased insulin sensitivity. Encourage your friend to follow a strict sleep schedule, avoid using phone late into the night, and finish your last meal before 7 pm to get better sleep.

These tips would absolutely work if you are trying to help someone lose extra pounds and get healthy.

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