How To Work with Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter For Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

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Deena P Asks:

Hi Rati,

First and foremost, I need to say that you guys are doing a great job here.  Many of us have been reading your reviews on products and then deciding on buying them, so you guys are indeed helping us.  Well, I write this mail mainly because I have a problem.  I am 36 years of age and have an oily skin.  The problem is that I have open pores and when I apply makeup, especially a blush or a bronzer or even a highlighter, I feel that it settles into them.  Could you please help me with this.  I don’t get a finished look even after hours of trying, I am so desperate, please do give me your suggestions.


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  1. Are your pores all over your cheeks? or just the area surrounding your nose? If it’s just that area, you could apply blush higher or further back on your cheekbones to avoid that area. Also try using mineral blush? There is a brand called Mattify! cosmetics that specialises in make up meant to mattify oily skin.

  2. Use face primer to minimise pores appearance.its really imp for those having large pores and oily skin.
    2.use matte powder blush bronzer as these will not highlight pores like tht of shimmer ones.
    3.skip powder highlighter and for for liquid /gel ones.they are very minute in size hence blend really subtle glow.
    4.before puting on makeup, use cleanser/face wash tht esply claim to minimise pores. Then use toner with slight alcoholic content..NON ALCOHOLIC ONES HARDLY HELPS IN SHRINKAGE OF PORES.

    P.s-i dont have these problems but have read various articles,international makeup experts advices..
    Gud luck !!

  3. I am not an expert and have hardly used highlighters but have read a lot and even saw some videos so here’s my two bit and hope it helps 🙂 go for matte blushes/bronzers..inglot/mac have some great matte blushes and m sure you will find your color as well ..for bronzers try bourjois one its totally matte and would contour your face well without highlighting open pores..even inglot has some liquid check out that..again for highlighters try going for liquid ones..inglot has some great liquid highlighters which will look great without highlighting open pores and making them even more visible! Also do check out links on face structure where blush/highlighter/bronzer has to be applied..also avoid dhinchak/glittery highlighters as they really accentuate pores making us look like disco balls 🙁 also always always use a good mattifying primer which also helps in reducing the pore size and makes it easier to apply foundation.

  4. Although I don’t suffer from large pores, but I recently started using the Clarins Instant Pore Perfector…and it works like magic in smoothing out pores n fine lines. My foundation literally glides like a breeze with this! Not sure if it’s avlbl in India yet…but you can try this.
    Disclaimer – it does have silicones in it, so not sure if its suitable for acne prone/sensitive skin.

  5. my tips on your problem.
    first try to get smaller pores. pores cant go away completly but can shrink. suggestion on that is buy a facial brush such as ( these ones and clean your face with this. wet your face first put soap al over your face and then start using the brush. it might feel very harsh on your skin but trust me it works wonders i promise.
    after 2-3 weeks doing this everyday yiour pores will be smaller.
    secondly i suggest buying a pore definer cream if you are still unhappy with the result of the first tip.
    after you got your pores a little smaller with any of the tips i just gave you you might want to try your foundation and makeup routine and see if you see a difference.
    if not my last tip is to apply foundation and PRESS your powder with a sponge onto your skin to make pores almost invisible. that powder will go deeply into your pores that way in my opinion the blush or bronzer wont settle into your pores because the powder already does.
    after applying your powder use your favorite blush and bronzer. please let me know if you did anything i just suggested you 🙂

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