Write For Us!

Write For Us!

Calling out all makeup junkies and enthusiasts out there to write for IMBB.  Get paid for each beauty review that you submit on our blog.  For more details, check out this page:



Follow all the rules, submit your reviews, and get paid for your content.

So, what are you waiting for, send in reviews quickly 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Write For Us!

  1. I remember how special March 2010 was for me, *happydance* when I first wrote for IMBB *happy dance* .It was magical.

    1. December 2013!! N i got so many scolding that month tooo coz i did not know how to take swatch pics properly *hihi* *hihi*

  2. I was so lazy to search for the details 😛 thanks for posting this … *haan ji*

    I have 2 products which I am dying to review …hate it so much *spank* *spank*

    and two good product too *happydance*

    *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

  3. Aww!!! Jomol DI, yesterday only I was thinking its been long tym i wrote for my fav blog ever.. I am stuck up in some personal and professional issues, but I will surely find time to write regulary now. 🙂

  4. I started writing for IMBB from Feb 2014 😀 I love this place!! Glad to be part of this family *puchhi*

  5. I even luv dis place..its a whole big family…i always read all the reviews and nw looking forward to contribute some for my imbb family

  6. IMBB is truly a great place for makeup addicts like me……thank you Rati & Sanjeev ji for giving us this chance *thankyou*

  7. October 2013 *woot* and i love writing for IMBB though i am not a make-up junkie but IMBB give me internal happiness….

  8. Joined IMBB in march 2013 and can’t even imagine its a year… time passed soooo quickly *happy dance* *happy dance* i still love imbb the way i used too… infact even more *puchhi* *puchhi*

  9. I madly wanna join IMBB family *puchhi* .. problem is my age and bank account issues ..14 year old and bank acct *spank*

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