Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes Review

I use a lot of facial wipes to remove makeup and go through them really fast. I use at least three face wipes in a day and it may not sound too many, but I find myself constantly running out of wipes. This gives me a change to try out face wipes across different brands. For the past couple of months, I have been trying and reviewing makeup wipes from several Korean brands, some high-end brands from Ulta and Sephora, and some generic ones from the drugstore. I bought a couple of makeup removal wipes from “Yes to” and the product in this review is Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes.

Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes

Product Description:
Yes to taking a cotton to wipes that help soothe, hydrate and protect ultra-sensitive skin. Infused with cottonseed oil that helps prevent irritation.

Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes ingredients

My Experience with Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes:

These wipes by Yes To come in a packet with a flap to cover the opening that dispenses the wipes. The packaging is attractive and stands out because of the blue color and cotton flower drawings on it. These soft, lightly fragranced wipes are formulated with 98% natural ingredients and are meant to gently cleanse allergy-prone skin, leaving it nourished, smooth and do not irritate the skin. The wipe cloth is made in part from cotton t-shirt manufacturing scraps, so they save energy and water and preserve land and save greenhouse gas emissions.

Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes full

These wipes are biodegradable and have mild abrasive texture yet are perfect for sensitive skin. Performance wise, these wipes are similar to the other wipes I have tried from “Yes To” brand. They remove the base makeup well and I remove my eye makeup with micellar water or a cleansing balm or oil. I use all my wipes as wash cloth as well. I apply some face wash on the wipe and scrub my face and neck clean.

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Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes packaging

These wipes are made up of biodegradable, paper-like fabric and are saturated with the cleansing product. The base of the cleansing solution is made up of water and glycerin. This product contains cotton seed oil and triglycerides that are potent at breaking stubborn water proof makeup and yet keeping the skin nourished and well hydrated. I have used micellar water and eye makeup removing pads from the same range and found them true to their claims. They were especially good at clarifying my skin and removing impurities from pores which are a major concern for my skin as I grow older.

Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes texture

As I have mentioned before, performance wise, I found it to be similar to the other wipes from “Yes To.” The size of the wipe is appropriate for one time use and are perfect for cleaning face, neck, chest, upper arms and back. These wipes are white in color and one of the sides is mildly abrasive. They are completely soaking wet with the product – not dripping wet but completely saturated with the cleansing solution. For the price paid, they are reasonably saturated with the product; one wipe is sufficient to clean the face and neck and so on. I break down the stubborn, waterproof makeup with cleansing oil or balm and then wipe off the gunk with these wipes. I use one wipe to remove the cleaning balm mess and then another to remove the residual makeup and dirt. I then wash the makeup off of these wipes and then use them as wash cloths to clean my face and every other area I apply makeup. These wipes make a good addition to skincare routine especially when used with the micellar water and toner from the same range. It did not cause acne or break me out and are perfect for sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Pros of Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes:

  • These wipes help soothe, hydrate and protect ultra-sensitive skin.
  • They are infused with cottonseed oil that helps prevent irritation.
  • Contains 98% natural ingredients.
  • Formulated without Parabens, SLS and Silicones.
  • Features the “seal of cotton” and cotton enhanced material made in part from recycled cotton t-shirt scraps.
  • The size of the wipes is just right and are perfect for face, neck and any other area that we apply makeup to.
  • They are made up of biodegradable material.
  • Easily removes base makeup. Two wipes are sufficient for face and neck especially since I use them with cleansing oil.
  • Each wipe is thoroughly saturated with product.
  • These wipes are mildly abrasive and are perfect for sensitive skin.
  • The packaging is hygienic, dispenses product easily and is travel friendly.
  • The cleansing solution contains goodness of cotton seed oil that gently cleanse skin and removes impurities from pores.
  • These wipes did not clog pores or cause acne.

Cons of Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes:

  • Does not remove waterproof eye makeup and a cleansing oil or balm is required. But that is the case with all makeup removal wipes, so it is not really a con.

Would I Recommend Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes?
I like the products from the Yes To Cotton range and I definitely recommend all the products from this range especially to those who have sensitive skin.
IMBB Rating:

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