Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lippers: My Favourite Shades

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Fabulous Affordable Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss lippers: My Favourite Shades. :)

Here I am yet again with lipstick articles. Just was keen to categorize my lipsticks in some way to help you guys. These Avon lipsticks are like my everyday lipsticks. These are simply pretty colorbliss lipsticks. The price is 125 Rs for 4grams. I would say these are average lipsticks with average smoothness and have mild oil sheen to it. I don’t know how to describe this. But none of these lipsticks that I have are creamy or glossy or sheer. They are just thick textured and very colourful pigmented lipsticks.

Avon simply pretty colorbliss lippers

How I use it:

I would recommend using compact or foundation dabbing before you apply to act as a base. I have separate compacts for dabbing lips before lipstick application. So I don’t need to bother about the sponge. One such compact you can use is Maybelline white stay ivory white which is a white talcum colour pressed powder which I can obviously not use on the face. I bought it for this purpose only. Compact absorbs any oil in the lipstick or lips and I find my lipstick color comes out pigmented and drags smoothly and lasts longer, ofcourse you can dab tissue and apply another coat and top the centre of the lips with matching or clear gloss. I personally like it matte and smooth with no shine. For the smoother lipsticks u don’t need tricks. But follow these for Avon simply pretty color bliss ones.

Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lippers
Mango mania: this is a very pretty orangy brick color. Its very close to lakme nine to five brick color in case u remember my review on that. It is not matte nor does it have shimmer or any glitter. Its not creamy but just a thick pigmented color. Just one sweep on the lips delivers enough color on the lips. I would say we will need to touch up in two hours. But that’s not my concern. Line it with true red by colorbar. Dab with tissue if u wanna keep it mild. Apply clear gloss for evening. I personally skip it. Totally recommended for all brick and red lovers.

Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lippers

It’s a totally wearable maroon color. I have seen my mom wearing maroon lip color only since I was a child. I could never wear maroons apart from what the parlor lady used on me to match my marron banarsi sari. I also was gifted a deep maroon called brides mate by street wear but I gifted it to some one. since the this is the only kinda maroon I bought for emergency purpose in case I wanna match my outfit some day. It’s a pinky maroon again with oil sheen to it, no glitter but has very very mild shimmer particles to it. Texture is same as other color bliss ones. Pair it with moody maroon lip liner lightly by colorbar. Skip the gloss I would say.

Rich Terracotta: this is again my favourite brick color. Its very close to mango mania but is darker than that. It very pigmented and goes with true red lip liner by colobar. Its quite smooth and is not matte. Amazing for fair complexions. Skip gloss again as the lipstick is on the darker side.

Avon simply pretty colorbliss lippers
Truffle: this is also my favourite. Very close to mango mania and rich terracotta. It’s a mix of the two and is a brick color. It has mild shimmer and again goes with true red lip liner by colorbar. Its lighter than rich terracotta but darker than mango mania.

Mystic beige:
I was eyeing this shade for long time but was just scared it might be on the browner side. But it turned out to be very beautiful soft beige. It is a perfect nude color (so as to say ) if u wanna keep ur eyes dark  you can pick this one up blindly as I think it will suit all. It a great every day wear color and has very very mild shimmer in it. It is not matte. It has a slightly pearly frosty finish but to my liking. Pair it with  any nude lip liner and your favourite champagne gloss or clear gloss.

Avon simply pretty colorbliss lippers

The few pros and cons of color bliss lipsticks:

Pros are that they offer huge color selection. There will be a color for everyone.

Avon simply pretty colorbliss lippers

you can also pick many to match outfits, very pigmented and affordable. I have exhausted all my favourite shades. There are so many pretty colors though. They have plums. Mauves, pinks, bricks. Browns but few nudes.  They are kind of soft though. They also offer small nail colours in the same shades which is amazing if you want to match your nails with your lips.
On the bad side, they may stain lips, they don’t spread well on moist lips. Your lips need to be dry. I usually need a lip liner with these. They don’t have mattes I believe but we can always make these work for us.

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