Avon Simply Pretty Dual-Ended Eyeliners

Avon Simply Pretty Dual-Ended Eyeliners

Avon Simply Pretty Dual Ended eyeliners

I want to start with the big misprint in the brochure, which says “eye duo has both brow and eye liner.” :lol2: can you believe that! These are only eye pencils unless you want a blue and gold for your brows.  Yes, I am an Avon representative and I am cracking this joke here because misprints and typos really make me burst out with laughter.

These pencils are new releases from Avon Simply Pretty range and I thought these should be shared here :haanji:

Simply Pretty targets mainly teenagers and college goers and their lipsticks are a major hit, being of average quality, but great pricing and awesome colors to chose from. Now, the pinker packaging is selling like hot cakes though and some shades are my real favourites, but some of their experiments are a real pain and that category includes these pencils.  Just average-to-above-average pencils, these fail to deliver as one side is smooth and the other end, below average! I got all the three shades, so I can share with people my views about them and recommend which one to get.

Avon Simply Pretty


3 g for Rs. 189 (Rs. 139 on offer).

Oriflame has a similar range targeting youngsters and call it Double Trouble, oh my God, they are way better than these.

Describing each pencil:

White and Purple:

White eye pencil

These are quite tiny if you see one side alone.  The white and purple one is unique as one may need a white pencil to line the waterline to make eyes look wider (remember Rekha the actress?).  The white side of the pencil is quite smooth, but not creamy and I could line my waterline to widen my eyes.  It did not burn and I found it to be quite okay for the job and it did not sting, but the purple side again was hardly pigmented and no color showed up on my eye lids.  These do not set and smudge so easily.  First of all, getting some color out of the purple is a pain, I tried to use it to fill in the lid till the crease, but no color would show up, what a pain!!!! The color purple is very pretty but not pigmented. Buy this if you want a white pencil and for no other reason.

Black and Aquamarine:

Aquamarine eyeliner

Again, just the black side is smooth and creamy, but it does not set and so, it smudges so easily.  You have to set it with shadow, otherwise it can be a disaster for oily lids.  The blue side is so average, hardly any color shows up and the blue is shimmery and pretty, but no color shows up. What a shame, a pretty color gone waste, very average.

Gold and Silver:

eyeliner pencils


Again, only the silver side shows up so well, I mean, I really loved the silver of the pencil, very soft, creamy, smooth, pigmented and what not, but does not set. Why couldn’t all the shades be so pigmented and smooth. I love silver to fill in the lids and crease with black shadow. This silver is gorgeous as an eyeshadow but the gold, it does not show up.  It is not creamy, smooth and pigmented, just nothing. I tried to line my eyes under the lower lash line but it did not show up, buy it for the silver, that’s it.

swatches 2

Last Word:

These are very average pencils. The silver and black sides are pretty, but do not set.  These are not brow liners as the brochure says :dumb: wish the blue and purple and gold were more pigmented. I don’t like the blunt it comes with and it crumbles when you sharpen it, so as such it is tiny, but it will finish sooner than you know!


2.5 only for one smooth side of each pencil.

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25 thoughts on “Avon Simply Pretty Dual-Ended Eyeliners

  1. ohh bad these are 😐 😐 😐 😐 i joined Avon this mnth only n wanted to know how these r… :thanks: so much for sharing Neha. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  2. Brow pencils? :snicker: Aaj kal golden eyebrows fashionable hai kya? :lol2: :lol2:
    These things are soo cute! :teddy: But soo useless. 🙄 Chalo…..sasta stylish brow pencil toh mil jayega. I’ll be a trend setter on the rnway if I use these as brow pencils. :joker: :joker:

    1. :hihi: :hihi: :dumb: :dumb: Sach. These people prolly think we are dumbos. 🙄 Or that we are insane. :bash: :bash: :bash:

  3. “I got all the three shades, so I can share with people my views about them and recommend which one to get” – :clap: :clap: :clap: Thank u neha for this noble deed!! :))

  4. You saved my money Neha :puchhi: :thanks: i was sure that these pencils are useless and thank god did nt buy them!!!
    I feel that instead of changing the packaging to pink avon shud come up with some innovative products…..i swear the color bliss sparkle lipgloss sucks big time…..no colour pay off at all :spank: ….and the simply pretty range have all dark lipsticks….well i hope that it improves in the future….i feel quality and colour selection wise oriflame is much better :yes:
    Thanks fr reviewing this product Neha!!! :thanks: :thanks:

  5. Neha.. thanks u so much for saving our bucks and for this noble cause.. :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: ..
    these are completely avoidable… :yuck: :yuck:

  6. Hey Gals!!

    Em an Avon Rep too, bt i tell u, Avon’s simply Pretty range is not gud enf, not dat everything in dis range is bad bt sm of things r rlly not upto d mark. I hv used dem myslf.

    Der perfumes as well as jewellery r worth Recommending along wid bags,purses, etc.

    Hope soon dey vl learn tricks… :waiting:

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