Avon Simply Pretty Foundation, Pressed Powder, Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

My Mini Avon Haul & Review-

Avon makeup products

Hi Ladies,

With my great success with Avon products I decided to check out few more of their stuffs. My face is a mixture of oily and super oily skin he he, so I can’t use just any powder or foundation. It has to match my skin status which I feel is forever oily. So this time I decided to try their liquid foundation called AVON Simply Pretty Gel Foundation. The word gel actually caught my attention as I believe anything gel will suit my skin type. So here it is like

AVON Simply Pretty Gel Foundation (Natural)

AVON Simply Pretty Gel Foundation.

What AVON Simply Pretty Gel Foundation Claims:

Enhance your skin’s natural radiance & get even flawless skin with simply pretty gel foundation. The water based moisturizing formula feels fresh and light, as if you are not wearing any make up.

Its Price:

It is priced at Rs 149 for 30ml.

AVON Simply Pretty foundation

Availability of Shades:

AVON Simply Pretty Gel Foundation comes in three shades namely,

  • Light Beige (16826)
  • Medium Beige (16827)
  • Natural Beige (76828)

How to Use:

I simply squeeze the tube a little & apply a small pea sized amount on chin, forehead & nose. Blend it well & spread evenly using a wet sponge.

AVON Simply Pretty Gel Foundation  swatch
AVON Simply Pretty Gel Foundation swatch

What is good about AVON Simply Pretty Gel Foundation:

  • It blends & glides on smoothly & comes off easily too. Also it is so light that it doesn’t feel cakey at all nor does it leaves you with that heavy sticky feeling.
  • As said it comes off very easily, no need to use makeup remover just a mild face wash is enough to remove the foundation.
  • I love the way that it makes my skin so fair, even toned and smooth.
  • The foundation is unscented which is a plus especially for those who are really sensitive with fragranced products.
  • It is not oily & water based.
  • I never had any rashes, allergies or any weird skin reactions with this one. I also did not break out. With a powder foundation to set it, it looks good to go.
  • It is dermatologist tested & also approved for sentisitive skin.
  • It is hypoallergenic & works as a perfect base for my makeup.

What is Not Good about AVON Simply Pretty Gel Foundation?

  • Comes in only three limited shades, so it is difficult to choose the right shade. I wish it comes in other shades too.
  • The packaging is cute but comes in a very small quantity, 30ml tube.
  • This does not have a full coverage on the skin, it only has a semi-matte, medium coverage so for those who like a full coverage foundation to cover some deeper imperfections, this one cannot cut it .


I am very satisfied with the foundation for the price. This one is good enough as a daily foundation, but I noticed that by the end of the working day, I have had a lot of products sticking on my hanky or tissue when I blot my face. This works great for non-humid and a/c rooms, but not outside.

#AVON Simply Pretty Shine no more pressed powder (Natural Beige)

AVON Simply Pretty Shine no more pressed powder
AVON Simply Pretty Shine no more pressed powder

What AVON Simply Shine no more pressed powder claims:

Put shine on hold while keeping your face fresh & protected. Helps hide pores & blemishes and gives a smooth transparent finish.

Its Price:
It is priced at `149 for 9g. Avon products are often on sale kindly check their online brochure for the current price.

Availability of Shades:

AVON Simply Pretty Simply Shine no more pressed powder comes in four different shades,

  • Light Beige (14668)
  • Medium Beige (14869)
  • Natural Beige (14870)
  • Dusky Beige (14867)
AVON Simply Pretty Shine no more pressed powder
AVON Simply Pretty Shine no more pressed powder

How to Use:

After applying the gel foundation I pat the press powder gently on my face.

What is good about AVON Simply Shine no more pressed powder:

  • It oil free & dermatologist tested.
  • Its special micro-powders absorb shine while wet/dry formula allows you to control its coverage for a fresh, clean look.
  • It provides great coverage especially when applied wet. In fact, even with dry application it is great at controlling oil.
  • Unscented.
  • SPF 14 helps shield skin the damaging UAA/UV rays
  • Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic
  • Really affordable. You’ll get it at an even lesser price when it goes on sale.

What is Not Good about AVON Simply Shine no more pressed powder?

  • It comes in a single compartment. I wished that its packaging includes two compartments, one for the powder and another for the sponge.


So, I would recommend one for everyone. It’s a win-win situation, anyway. If it suits you then you are able to find a great everyday compact. If it would not, it would not hurt so much since this is really cheap.

# AVON Simply Pretty Simply Color Bliss Lipstick:

The first thing I noticed when I tried Perfect Wear was how smooth it felt going on. It felt like applying silk to my lips, unlike some of the other brands .I bought two shades from this range. It is priced at Rs 125 each. There is wide range of color to select from. The color is very pigmented & creamy. I wish it had a little sheen to it but any how it is a great product. A review has already been done by Neha, kindly check it too.

Avon lipsticks
Avon lipsticks

From Left (Graceful Nude, Mango Mania)

Avon lipstick swatches
Avon lipstick swatches

Graceful Nude: It is a great nude color suitable for everyday use. I really keep my look very simple with this shade. I apply it with my kajal, mascara & a touch of lip gloss & I am done.

Mango Mania: As like the nail paint the lip color is very similar to orange/ brick color. Goes well with most of my colorful dresses. I have a wheatist completion & I feel this shade really suits me well & also helps to brighten my completion.

Have you ever tried any of these products from Avon. Please drop in your views….

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135 thoughts on “Avon Simply Pretty Foundation, Pressed Powder, Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Hiii Sush..nice review 🙂 I have only tried the lipsticks from this range…and that was a long while back..I didnt find them too bad but do feel they dry out very fast. Maybe I just didnt use it often enough and so ended up wasting a lot of the lipsticks 🙁

    1. hi radhika, glad u liked the review, :-))
      u know i found them very creamy & pigmented. gerat for the price.
      i guess u can try it with a lip gloss or a lip balm…

      btw which shade did u tried ?:-)

      1. I am so sorry I don’t remember the names…this was quite some time back. I know I say that every time I comment on any Avon post..but of late I have bought only their glimmerstick eyeliners and their pro to go lipsticks.

        1. c’mon rads no need to be sorry… 😉 to hell with the shade names.. he he.. :laugh:
          btw how u r finding their glimmerstick eyeliner.. ?:-)

            1. And I can tell you the shades too..I have blue, black, brown, plum, and green..hehehheee…I would have got the bronze too..but then I got a Chanel one…hehehehheee…Avon lost..:P 😛 but my friend has the bronze one from Avon..is VERY good..and oh I have the smoky grey too..hehehheee

              1. hey u bought almost all the shades… “a true AVON fan” :party: i m having the brown n grey one.. eyeing for the bronze one..

                1. Its good….saw it on my friend and had almost bought it myself…..and they stay on superbly dont they..hehhehee..yup I love the glimmersticks at least..they really are good 😀 😀 Oh and I have their lipliners too 😛

                    1. GOOD…I have ginger spice, mystery mauve, and rich cocoa..the ones that look exactly like the eyeliners – twist up – oh and I have a red one..forgot shade name. These are my 2 fav pdts from Avon..eyeliners and lipliners…:D

    1. sad dear it didn’t work right for u….
      but it proved to be a great hit to me & i guess neha also :yes:
      what all products did u tried??

    1. thx alexandra ,,do try it out n let us know…it prooved what it claimed really…..its neither too oily nor too dry just perfect for my skin :giggle:

  2. Hey Sush…can you get in touch with me through Rati….can you give your contact number to Rati for me to take…..you know you and Neha have both forced me to go for AVon produts……want to talk to you regarding that…. 🙂

  3. I loved the shades of lippies. So pwettyy!! 🙂 he he they have mango mania in lipsticks as well. 😛

    Never tried any avon products. :((

    Are you an Avon representative, Sush?

    1. hi rati,
      i have been using Avon products since past 4-5 yrs. i find thr cosmetics range pretty decent. However i dont recommend/ approve of thr skin care range(just below avg )
      i am dealing both in Avon and oriflame products.
      if u require something you can contact me-

    2. hey rati smart guess bt i m not.. he he.. :silly:
      the mango mania is a superb shade just like the nail paint or the teracota from lakme…
      do try some of their products they r really great n yes v reasonable.. :yes:

  4. So you both daaayans came here too…..***sprinkle some more yellow liquid on both of you*****….go away from here :can: :can: :can: :can: :can: :can:

      1. Yes Sush..she is so yuckyyyy…she is carrying it around in coke cans…isnt that just the grosssssssssiesttest stuff you have ever heard. But she uses it..to check if she is a guy or a girl..you mailing her na..maybe she will tell you the exact details..err..if you interested that is ?:-) ?:-)

        1. Hey Rads, I have heard that “gowmutra” :can: :can: :can: :can: :can: is good for ITCHY skin and constipation….you can place an order with me…..SHIPPING FREE TO BAngalore…buhaha buhahah buhaha buhahaha….

  5. :female: Jomol :male: Can you believe that????? I found these emoticons in the list….its spooky…is meant for Jomo…waiting to be used…didnt even know they were there all these days :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

    1. hi calicoaster, check out some more swatches from neha’s review.
      .. u’ll get a better idea of the shades…
      all of them are so pretty… :inlove:

    1. yes HD i l :inlove: :inlove: VE Avon products can u believe i shop for around 300/400 bucks every month.. n guess what my agent is very happy :laugh: 😀
      Btw all three of u were looking very pretty during your meet. esp your kurti was superb… :inlove:

  6. Never tried Simply pretty foundation or pressed powders, but their Avon color range is good. I have been using Avon Perfect Wear kajal. It has a sponge tip at the other end, n its awesome to give kajal a smuged look.

    I have their purple eyeshadow quad, used on a night out, looked great. The blushes are nice too. Good color and texture and lasts long. i think Avon has 2 ranges. the higher end one is good.
    My sis is a representative. So i keep getting some stuff. Let me know if anyone needs more info.


    1. thx jas i didn’t knew about the kajal tip ?:-) …its a great idea!!..
      never tried the quad too…..wil b getting it soon.. :-))

  7. Sush, very nice review, I still have the simply pretty pressed powder with me for around 3 years now 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: , should i throw it away or kya?? 😀 :rotfl :rotfl:

    Quite like Simply Pretty, ad find Avon as a brand, good and affordable :heart:

    1. 3 years!!! it might have got expired by this time na…thow it today itself n buy a new one… :-)) 🙂
      i too find avon good yet affordable.. :yes:

                1. Actually …where is she??? I thot I will pester you saying she is ignoring your comment..but looks like she is really not there anywhere….you think she got fed up chatting with me ?:-) ?:-)

                    1. haha noooo i was doing some monkey business :monkey: !! so dint come check the blog for sometime!!! :-((i love you people!!! Rads please go and buy 1 pair no at least.. get grey ones okay? please they’re like really awesome!!! please!! and they have little little glitter!! really nice! 😀

      1. haha awww which ones you got? what colour? Rati if you dint buy grey, go buy them!!! i dont have them and they’re really nice!!! :D:D :-* :-* and shoe cute haircut pictures no!!! please!!!!! I’m so happy you got them! 😀

        1. oh god!! i kept telling sanjeev i want the grey ones but he liked the other one more. And i even said that i want to exchange. The one i got are nice but now I will get the grey ones also.

          and they are so cute foopeer doooper cute and they are so sasta also…loved them. :-*

              1. oh and you know i got my first pair (blue) from cs only rads!! when i visited! 😉 :D:D they had purple also! not in my size but. :-((

                  1. >:D< okay i'll go sleep now! :yawn: :ZZZ: nagged about it enough but i dint sleep for the last 4 nights and my guide says i dont work :curse: :curse::curse::curse::curse:

    1. yes yaar it comes off well with simple water but is a good foundation for office /inhouse use… 😀
      i found the lippies v creamy a sort of matte finish but yeah pretty good for the price.. :yes: :yes:

    1. hi sabrina..u gotta help me 😀 . i really want to buy some products from avon but really don’t know how. i’m from bangalore btw.
      i hope we get in touch?
      the process of purchasing, can it all be done online?

  8. Hi Sush! Nice review..this is an AVON fan here..i simply adore AVON’s high end products but for me this foundation was a big let down!! 🙁 😥 maybe I dint use the wet sponge trick..and it was like patchy-here & scratchy-there situation…BTW wats the shade name/number of the AVON simply pretty compact?? i think it will suit my complexion as well :-*

    PS: If you really like AVON then try their supershock mascara!!! I simply go ga-ga over it!!!!!

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