Elle 18 Eye Liner – Black Out Review, Photos, Swatches

by Nivedita on November 20, 2010 · 26 comments

Now, the Elle 18 eye-liner.: I don’t know how to react for the eye liner. Should I give a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Please decide it and let me know because I’m highly confused.

Since, I wanted to check the entire Elle 18 Color Bomb line I got this liner. However bad quality liners might be I don’t think they would smudge like kajal. I could at least use them up somehow or other. Here is a glimpse of the Elle 18 Eye liner bottle

Elle18 eye liner

Elle18 eye liner

The color is called black out and it is labeled as Black on the top of the lid. If there is only one eye-liner why is it called Black again? Does Elle 18 plan to launch other shades as well?
There’s a picture of the pink-girl on the lid but its on the opposite side. Anyway,

Price: 65 INR I got it for 63 I guess.
Quantity:5 ml. A decent quantity I think.
Shelf life: 24 months from packed.
No composition is mentioned or no direction or nothing special about the product from the company side.
On opening I found the eye-liner is okayish. Its not smooth like Lakme ones (I’ve used Lakme liners only and the insta- liner is my HG) . It has a rather rugh texture as if something powdery has been dissolved into water.
Now, The Pros and the Cons
Pros of Elle 18 Eyeliner

  • It is a decent quantity for 65 rupees. It should last me for a long time until I get bored and wouldn’t want to repurchase.
  • It is jet black. I’m happy with the darkness of the color.

Elle18 eye liner

Elle18 eye liner

  • Water-resistant. In order to test this I put it on my hand and let it dry. After that I put my hand under running water and it did not budge. But after sometime when I rubbed it while still under running water it completely washed away leaving no trace behind. So, its water-resistant but not water-proof. At least, I’m under the impression if I wash my face while it is on my, it will get washed away if I rub it without giving panda eyes which is quite embarrassing at least if it happens when you visit someone.

Now the CONS of Elle 18 Eyeliner:

  • It is water-resistant, yet not a water proof one. So, not quite a dependable liner I think.
  • The brush is like that of the nail-paint. Bad bad bad. The brush is too soft to give a decent line. I find the brushes are inconsistent in quality. I had to check several bottles and picked up the best one. Even then, it’s a bad one. Other brushes were even quite frayed. I don’t think the previous liner brushes were this bad. I never used them, I I assume because the nail-polish brushes were quite good.
  • Again, the brush is short and stubby and it is very difficult to put on an eye liner with ease if the brush is too short or too long. In fact, the lid grazes my eye-lash when I try to put it one. Also, the brush doesn’t let you have a decent straight line to the application. See in the picture. That’s the best I could do to get a decent line
Elle 18 liner brush

Elle 18 liner brush

I also put it on my eyes to show you how it looks. I did not out on any eye-make up, nor even concealer (although I ought to). But I put on a swipe of mascara. That’s all. Here is how the liner looked on my eyes

Elle18 eye liner

Elle18 eye liner

The line is not an even one. But, that can’t be helped with such a bad brush.
Shall I repurchase the Elle 18 Liner? No, I don’t think so. I’ve already got a whole lot of eye liners stacked up. I need to finish them as well.
Rating : :-* :-*:-* + 0.5
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