IMBB Exclusive : 10 Autumn Winter Makeup Trends 2011 by MAC

IMBB Exclusive : 10 Autumn Winter Makeup Trends 2011 by MAC

imbb Exclusive : mac Autumn winter trends

These are the top 10 autumn / winter makeup trends by MAC that have been taken from runway and can be incorporated easily in our lives.

The photographs below are in the form of slide shows.The product details are mentioned under very photograph. The images are big in size so it may take a little time for them to download. But hang on there, you wonโ€™t be disappointed. I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Gloss :

Glosses are back in action. Think reflective finish on the skin, eyelids, high planes of the face, and lips.

Makeup artist played with glossy reflective texture in various forms this season : polish reflective expensive looking skin (Bibhu Mohapatra)ย , watery lips(Iceberg),ย lacquered eyes(Donna Karen)ย , understated fresh looking lips (Emilio Pucci)ย .

Key Products : MAC Shine mixing Medium, Clear Lipglass, Careblend essential Oils

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[portfolio_slideshow include=”62761,62762,62763,62764,62765″]

2. Full Brows:

The ย brows are fuller,ย straighterย and have a moreย masculineย feel this season. Caution : don’t make them too straight , it looks best “only” on runways.

Key product : MAC Brow Set

[portfolio_slideshow include=”62780,62781,62782,62784″]

3. Seaside Cream Color Base

If you buy only one highlighter this season, Seaside Cream Color base IT is. An excellent product ย that would add just the right amount of glow to your face without making you look oily. Can be used on various skin tones.

While for Reed Krakoff’s look , seaside was used just to make the skin look pure and untouched; the MUAs used the same product to create a transparent creamy looking skin forย Balmain show.

[portfolio_slideshow include=”62857,62858,62862,62863″]

4. Black but not the Basic

MAC Smolder Kohl never goes out of season .But to add a oomph to the flat black eyeshadows and pencils, add a touch of jewel metallic finish to your eye makeup.

In Bibhu Mohapatra’s show the use of reflective pigment. Or the old gold metallic look for Jason Wu show. Or the rough butย bejeweledย royal looking eyes forย Vena Cava. Or just the smudged kohl to give that last night left over makeup look for Moncler Rouge show- all added character to the basic black eye makeup. PS : MAC Semi Precious Collection is something to look forward to.

[portfolio_slideshow include=”62878,62879,62880,62881,62882″]

5. Runway Red Lipstick…

…is a part of MAC Me Over Collection. This is ONE red lipstick that would work on all skin tones. According to the MAC Senior Makeup Artist Gordon E, “it the the perfect universal red”.

Red lipstick took various forms on runway this season- amber warm red (Dsquared2)ย , cherry red (Diane Von Furstenberg)ย , orange red(Hakaan), perfect matte red(Giles) . Pick the one that suits your skin tone the most. Make the statement with a bold lip color this season!

Key Product : MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

[portfolio_slideshow include=”62930,62931,62932,62933,62934″]

6. Lashes :

More than we have seen in recent years, a full lash is BACK. To add that modern element to lashes, think fluttery lashes NOT drag.

The lashes are fluttery , curled and lush. Curl up, and layer your lashes with 2-3 coats of blackest black mascara you have in your stash!

Key Product : MAC Zoomlash Mascara

[portfolio_slideshow include=”62903,62904,62905,62906″]

7. Waterlines…

…are something that would require a lot of attention this season. Either freshen up the waterlines with MAC Chromagraphic Pencil NC 15/ NW 20 or inject them with a forward thinking jolt of color (take red at Jean P Braganza, cobalt at Haider Ackerman)

[portfolio_slideshow include=”62886,62888,62890,62891,62953″]

8. Sculpting

Cheekbones without a contour is anomaly this season. Think subtly masculine (not severe supermodel). turn to MAC Sculpting powder in Sculpt and Bone Beige or cream color bases in dark brown or mid tone sepia.

Androgynous trend was hot all this year round and I guess this continues to be hot for fall winter as well. Sculpted cheeks – go all for it.

Key Product :ย ย MAC Sculpting powder in Sculpt and Bone Beige

[portfolio_slideshow include=”62913,62914,62916,62917″]

9. Right Powder

The era of using one powder all over the face is passe now. Powders have a come a long way.There are technologically advanced formulas available that can provide theย customizedย matness or glow to various areas of face.

Key Products : Invisible Loose powder to gently mattify the T Zone, Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder to set foundation without cakiness and Studio Careblend Pressed Powder to set while retaining the glow.

[portfolio_slideshow include=”62895,62896,62897,62898,62899,”]

10. New Proportions

It’s the preciseย subtletiesย of shape that always matter in terms of makeup modernity. Think elongated pulled out eye (Altuzarra), more rounded lip (Albino, M.Kirchoff), a straighter brow and more boyish blush or contour (Marni)ย .

[portfolio_slideshow include=”62921,62922,62923,62924,62925″]

autumn winter makeup trends 2011

Which trends are you going to follow this Autumn / Winter? ๐Ÿ™‚

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