10 Best Makeup Sponges

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Today’s post is all about the best makeup sponges available out there. If you’re reading this post, you’re either already familiar with the magic of makeup sponges or you’re on the lookout for a really good makeup sponge. Makeup sponges allow your makeup (foundation, concealer, powder, contour, and much more!) to apply smoothly, evenly and quite flawlessly. If you’re looking for the perfect, most natural and dewy finish to your makeup, then a sponge is your best friend. If you could only have one makeup tool or applicator in your collection, I would highly recommend getting your hands on a good makeup sponge.

10 Best Makeup Sponges

Here’s a round up of the 10 best makeup sponges available in the market:

1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge:  A true multi-tasking makeup sponge that is also great value for money, this miracle complexion sponge from Real Techniques indeed gives your makeup a flawless and natural finish. It has a large surface area, which makes it great for applying foundation and powder.

Real Techniques sponge

2.  The Original Beauty Blender:  This one is truly the original star among makeup sponges. Although some claim that it’s a bit overpriced, those who are faithful to the Beauty Blender assure you that it makes all the difference to the application of foundation. It is incredibly squishy and bouncy and is best used when damp.

Beauty blender sponge

3.  Dior Backstage Blender:  If you’re looking for a luxury makeup sponge that will also last you long enough, then this one from Dior is the best bet. This is shaped like a teardrop and it makes makeup application super easy, radiant and flawless.

4.  Sephora Collection Confetti Mini Sponges:  Mini sponges are a great option for applying under eye concealer and contour. These brightly coloured ones from Sephora are priced well and do a great job at the precise and flawless application of product.

5. MAC All Blending Sponge:  This interestingly shaped sponge from MAC looks beautiful, is latex-free and provides smooth and even coverage for all kinds of liquid base products.

6.  Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge:  This blending sponge from Sonia Kashuk is the best choice for beginners. The pointed end makes the application of under eye concealer super easy and flawless. The other broader end allows you to apply your foundation smoothly and evenly.

Best Makeup Sponges in hand

7.  Hourglass Ambient Strobe Light Sculptor:  Another ultra luxurious sponge, this one from Hourglass has been designed especially to be used with these ambient lighting powders, highlighters and bronzers. It is best suited for the application of all kinds of powder products.

8. Givenchy Makeup Blender Fluid Compact Sponge:  This sponge from Givenchy looks ultra fancy and is shaped in the form of a dual-ended cone, which looks very unique. This one is especially useful for the application of under eye concealer and defined forehead and cheek contouring.

9.  Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge:  A relatively new addition to the sponge collection from Real Techniques, this beautiful marble-toned sponge is in the shape of a diamond. The shape makes it great for spot concealing (and it makes it look super natural) and contouring. It is also quite affordable.

Real Techniques Bold Metals sponge

10.  Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge:  This affordable sponge from Jane Iredale is completely free of edges, making it truly one of its kind. It is ideal for the flawless and even application of foundation and powder.

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