10 Great Tips to Fasting it Right

10 Great Tips to Fasting it Right

Fasting is an act which involves a person to refrain from liquid and solid food for a particular period of time, mainly from dawn to dusk. Many of us fast for various purposes; be it religious like during karwa chaut, holy month of Ramadan etc. or be it just to gain the medical benefits from fasting. There are two types of fasting. One that involves refraining only from solid foods in fasts like water fast & juice fast while the other, dry fasting which involves abstinence from solid foods as well as liquids for a particular time. Fasting is said to improve one’s life in so many different ways; spiritually, physiologically & physically.


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The physiological benefits of fasting have been said to lower systolic blood pressure, body temperature, and cholesterol, in addition to lowering glucose levels in the blood. The body’s metabolic rate also slows during a fast, allowing it to conserve energy, thereby contributing to the healing process, according to Source.

In case you didn’t know, fasting is also said too cause relief and cure various health problems & diseases. Fasting heals allergic reactions as well as eczema & contact dermatitis. Fasting is a powerful detox aid as it cleanses & detoxifies the body of the toxins built over the years through the body’s organs, immune system & skin, because when you deprive your body of any solid food, the body breaks down fat reserves for energy.

Healthy Skin
Healthy Skin

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Fasting helps in the skin to become clearer by lessening the oiliness of the skin. It is also known to diminish age spots & acne. All the different skin care products or services may or may not give you the desired results on your skin but fasting, the world’s most ancient and natural healing mechanism will definitely give. Thus, once should make fasting as a part of their skin regime.

Many of us have fasted or atleast made an attempt to fast. But have you ever paid attention to whether you are doing it right or not? These are the most commonly made mistakes which you as a fasting person should avoid at all costs:-

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1) Too much stress on food or drink

The main purpose of fasting is to gain self control on the body by not giving it what it wants. But thinking about what to eat after breaking your fast, spending all day cooking, watching television shows about cooking & food will definitely not make you gain the actual benefits of fasting by leading way to temptation.

2) No smoking or taking drugs

No Smoking / No Drugs
No Smoking / No Drugs

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Smoking or taking medicines which may or may not contain drugs while fasting is much more harmful than doing it while not fasting.

3) Do not talk or exercise much

One should not talk a lot or exercise during the hours of fasting or one will get tired easily feeling drained of energy thus, increasing the desire to take in food.

4) Avoid fasting during pregnancy or lactation period

Please think of your child before fasting. If you want to fast, consult a doctor before doing so.

5) Avoid eating too much in non fasting hours

Breaking your fast by eating fried chicken, gulab jamun, chocolate cake & the likes defeats the purpose of fasting. Do not stuff yourself before the start of your fast thinking that is the way to not feel hungry during the day or at the end of your fast thinking like there’s no tomorrow trying to make up for missed food. Start with light foods like salads, fruits & then gradually start eating what you normally eat.

Fast Food
Fast Food

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6) Don’t forget to moisturize your skin

If your fasting does not allow you to use creams/moisturizers for your skin, apply it after you break your fast & before fasting. While fasting, you can keep moisturizing the skin with water. Same goes for dry parched lips. The amount of water in the blood during fasting reduces the amount of water in the skin, which can lower the skin’s resistibility to bacterial infections.

7) Avoid drinking cold water & soft drinks

Do not drink cold water while breaking your fast as it may lead to constriction of stomach capillaries & poor digestion. Also drinking soft drinks may fill up for stomach delaying the digestion process. That is why it is the best to drink plain water.

8) Avoid too much salt

Do not add too much salt to your salads or other foods as they will increase the body’s need of water while fasting.

9) Avoid drinking too much of coffee & tea


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Do not drink too much coffee or tea after breaking your fast as it will lead to a lot of urinating containing minerals needed during your fast. For every cup of coffee, you lose one cup of water; thus, leading to dehydration.

10) Drink plenty of water

Have plenty of water & healthy liquids during the non fasting hours as your body should not get dehydrated while fasting due to heavy exertion or sweating.

Therefore, everyone should fast once in a while to improve the functioning of the immune system, increased energy, sense of well being physically & spiritually. Fasting done the right way can definitely change your life!!

I take this opportunity to wish my fellow IMBBites Ramzan Mubarak :-))


15 thoughts on “10 Great Tips to Fasting it Right

  1. HEy Cool tips, Insiya..

    I fast for 9 days in navratri.. And I follow almost all the above..

    But i drink nearly 3-4 litres of water everyday and of course Fruits!!!

    Not only does it make me feel good, i have positively glowing skin afterwards.. And of course, i am 2-3 kgs lighter…

    But all these effecvts are short lived and i revert back in another week or so!!! But it’s good till it lasts..

  2. I try to fast for even one day, but get a terrible headache by mid afternoon. I wish I knew how to stop that so I could ‘fast it right’ – does anyone else have the same problem?

    1. actually it’s said if you are experiencing a headache while fasting your body is getting properly detoxified rempoving all the impurities from the body.Try decreasing your caffeine intake. Maybe if your fast for 2-3 days continuosly your body might get used to it & you probably won’t get a headache the next day.
      .-= Insiya´s last blog ..Boots Angel Rico Facial Polish Review =-.

  3. Great post even i can’t drink 2-3 litres of water in a day so i trick myself by making fresh veg /fruit juice. Instead of tea/coffee one can have a cup of milk that will suffice the calcium intake and its good for skin too. I was watching a paki TV prog the other day and the host there is a doctor i don’t remember the name but he always tells to have milk before going to bed as its good for skin. Ramadan kareem and Eid Mubarak in advance to everyone!

  4. Happy Ramazan to you, Insiya. 🙂 I used to fast a lot earlier but not so much now. But I agree upon what you said about avoid eating part…I think I get most hungry on the days when I fast and want to eat just every thing around . 😛

  5. Awesome article? I Just loved it.I am much into fasting ,seen my mother (religiously)doing so since childhood,and you brought its additional valuable advantages too,thats lovely.Thanks!!?

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