10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

“We want something captivating, jaw dropping that makes us dead alive”, say all men who were asked what makeup means to them. Multitasking with makeup and how exactly you wear the look reflects your ideas. To look hot you don’t have to explode a makeup bomb on your face, rather it just calls for some tricks and their proper application. Let’s get into detail to scratch some of the hot makeup ideas every girl should know about.

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

1. Smokey Eyes

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

Many of the professionals suggest adding more of black to make your eyes looks attractive and engaging. My suggestion would be to add some browns to the black this will make your eye look fuller and noticeable. The eye makeup is the best part which can transform your facial look completely.

2. Bold Lipstick

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

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I hope you have been surfing the latest looks from Cannes, did you notice the bold lipstick Aishwarya carried along with her Elie Saab gown? It added beauty to the outfit and made her look sublime and captivating too. Look at the way Rihanna rocks the plum lipstick, you can try those too. The trick here is to choose lipstick with bold colours what would look moist on your lips.

3. Add Colour To Your Eyes

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

Although I have suggested you to go for smokey eye makeup, how about adding a few strokes of fresh colour to it? Oh, this would be like a cherry on the cake. Adding colours to a monochrome look will never fail and go unnoticed. You can add some greens, coral blues or whites to your eye makeup.

4. Flirty Eyelashes

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

The unknown hack and secret of getting flirty eyelashes is that you should use two different mascaras to get a framed look. We have a habit to apply mascara in the upward direction, but the next time you have mascara in your hand, move it in a zic zac motion. This motion will make sure that all of your eyelashes are covered with black. Wearing those fake extensions is also a good idea.

5. Blush

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

Adding Blush is obviously important; it adds beauty and enhances the cheek bones well. If you have a copper or olive shade skin, you can go for some natural shade of blush or pick a lighter shade than your skin tone. Keep your cheeks simple and speak volume with your lips.

6. Add Some Shimmer

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

The makeup industry has seen many revolutions and inventions for helping the young gorgeous lady to flaunt their skin well. You can see shimmer all around you, whether in your dresses or in your makeup. The best way to add grace to your eye makeup is adding some shimmer to it. Complimented this look with a black or chocolate brown eyeliner, and you are all done!

7. Contoured Cheeks

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

Highlight your cheeks with the goodness of pink or peach. Blend it perfectly and dab some loose powder over it to make the makeup last longer. You can also add shimmer or bronze with your base foundation which will melt with the skin as perfectly as it should.

8. Glossy Lips

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

Using a gloss to finish the look is a good idea for makeup. Concentrate the gloss in the centre part of lips so that it makes them look fuller and sexier too. Any lip covered with a lip gloss looks dropping dead and never goes unnoticed. You can always rock the nude or bold lips trend with a lip gloss.

9. Eyeliner

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

Eyeliner is a sole thing which gives a complete makeup look in itself. You can choose winged, cat eye or just a simple flick from the corners of the eye which will give you a more of flirty look and increase the quotient of hotness. Blue or chocolate coloured eyeliner should be your pick for sensual and naughty looks.

10. Hairstyles

10 Makeup Trends You Must Try!

Busy women don’t have time to make those expensive looking hairstyles. Just swapping your hair to the opposite side transforms your look and gives them a fresh air to breathe in. Deep side parting is the latest trend which helps you to flaunt a little of your skin, your rosy cheeks and slimmed shoulders.

No makeup tricks would help you to look hot till you feel the love for your look and carry yourself with confidence. 🙂

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