10 Saree Draping Tips and Styles for Slim Women to Look Curvy

I am writing this post from personal experiences. I was very slim and skinny during my teenage years. I literally looked like a mannequin wrapped in saree. I had no curves and western attires used to look better on me. But I loved sarees and could not stop wearing them to events and wedding parties. So I followed a few things that made me look curvy and beautiful in saree. It is ok to be super slim and wear a saree too. But if you want to look curvy in a saree, here are a few things that you should follow.

1. Material Matters:

Avoid body clinging materials like chiffon and georgette and opt for materials that add volume. You can go for cotton Dhakai, South Indian silks like Kanjivaram, Tussar, Handloom or even Benarasi. These sarees do not wrap around your body tightly and look like a fluffy skirt that adds volume to your lower body.

2. Go for Bigger Prints:

Larger prints on the saree create an impression of volume. So if you are super thin, you can totally rock these prints. Big borders in the saree are also the right option for you. You can either opt for bigger scattered motifs or big, continuous prints. Also heavy zaree work, thread embroidery, stone and pearl embellishments will look gorgeous on you.

3. Opt for the Right shade:

Go for bright shades while choosing a saree as it creates the impression of volume. Bright shades of red, purple, yellow and orange look beautiful on thin women. You can also go for colour blocking. Pale pastel shades, white or bright neon colours also look eye-catching on thin women.

4. Choose a Pretty Petticoat:

Thin women can go for fish cut petticoats which helps to accentuate the curves. Petticoats made of heavier material can also help to add volumes when you are opting for finer sarees. Wearing the saree over an embroidered, heavy underskirt not only creates the illusion of curves but also adds contrast to the saree and helps you to create a unique style statement.

5. Experiment with Blouses:

Finding the right blouse is important and make sure that it compliments your saree. Your blouse and saree can have the same colour which helps you to look healthy and curvy. You can also opt for bell shaved sleeves, high neck blouses, collared air-hostess blouse as these cuts create impressions of curves. You can also opt for heavily embroidered blouses with your saree.

6. Drape it Right:

There are a lot of saree draping styles and you will have to pick one that makes you look curvy. The classic saree drape below the waist, lehenga style draping, Gujarati style draping, Dhoti style- all these help to create an impression of curves and volumes. You can also pair your saree with a cancan skirt to bright a modern twist to your saree look and add some volume.

7. Belt it Up:

Adding a belt to your waist accentuates your figure and highlight the curves. You can use a traditional kamarbandh for the purpose. You can opt for one designed using stones and pearls as it will work as your jewellery too. If you want to bring a modern edgy look, you can also go for a broad, leather belt with your saree.

8. Style with Stilettos:

Irrespective of figure and height, heels go best with sarees as it helps you to maintain the right posture and your curves get prominent. You can go for wedge heels or block heels instead of the pencil heals. Oxford boots also go well with your saree looks.

traditional saree design

9. Ace with Accessories:

Sleek jewellery go best for your figure type as chunky jewellery can make you look thinner. Pearl, platinum or lightweight gold jewellery look beautiful on you. Instead of wearing a very heavy neckpiece opt for a long, thin chin with a big locket on it. If you are planning to go for large statement pieces, focus on any one and go for it. You can highlight your ring, or your earring or the neckpiece but go minimal with the rest of it.

10. Play with Your Hair:

Make a voluminous bun with a puff and it will go great with your saree look. You can blow dry or curl your hair as it adds a lot of volume to the hair. Try adding extensions if you want to. If you have very long hair, you can also make a loose braid. You can also add hair jewellery and accessories to add some extra dose of glamour.

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