10 Secrets To Achieve Whiter Teeth and Beautiful Smile

A bright smile has its own set of benefits. Yellow or discolored teeth make people conceal their teeth in photos and also makes them less confident. While a sparkly smile helps you leave a great first impression, it’s indicative of a good health and proper care and also boosts your confidence. Browse through these 10 tips that will help you achieve a brighter smile.

10 Secrets To Achieve Whiter Teeth and Beautiful Smiles

1. Brush after every meal:

This is not the easiest but surely one of the best. It will require a lot of persistence. I took up this habit when I had my braces. Now even after taking my braces off, I stick to this habit because I can swear by the results!

2. Over the counter items:

Superficial tooth stains are removed these days with over-the-counter products that mainly contain hydrogen peroxide which dissolves surface stains. Some options include teeth whitening pens, tooth whitening kits and whitening strips.

10 Secrets To Achieve Whiter Teeth and Beautiful Smiles

3. DIY teeth whitening:
The results might not be that fast, but then, there are no side effects and lasting results with this method. There are actually a lot of them available. But the top 4 include:
a. Brushing with baking soda and lemon water.
b. Coconut oil pulling.
c. Apple cider vinegar.
d. Charcoal powder mixed in toothpaste.

4. Foods for teeth whitening:

Dark chocolate, strawberries and hard cheese are proven foods for teeth whitening. Strawberry paste applied on teeth is also known to help and has been reported as helpful by many. Chewing hard, raw foods like apples and carrots accelerates production of saliva which acts like a natural exfoliant. Eat more nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and of course, lots of water!

5. Quit Smoking:

You have probably heard about this a zillion times now, but smoking does all the harm to your skin, mane, teeth and overall health. Tobacco is one of the worst products that stains and discolors teeth. Brownish streaks and stains along with yellowing can occur rapidly with smoking and chewing tobacco. Next time you see that friend who smokes very much, do not forget to check out his teeth 😛

6. Stay away from drinks that stain:

Common beverages include coffee, dark-colored sodas and fruit juices like cranberry juice and grape juice. Also topping the list is red wine. If you cannot get rid of them totally , hen have them very rarely. Do not forget to rinse out your mouth and brush your teeth every time.

7. Avoid foods that stain teeth:

The list includes blueberries, blackberries and currants. These are good for your health but bad for your teeth. So what to do? Just reduce the intake before you have an occasion to show off your sparkly smile and brush your teeth every time you have them.

10 Secrets To Achieve Whiter Teeth and Beautiful Smile

8. Daily maintenance of teeth:

Brushing, rinsing and flossing your teeth twice a day is good but doing it after every meal is the best. Some dental experts suggest that electric and sonic brushes are better, but if you are doing it right, even the manual brush is enough.

9. Visit your dentist regularly:

Many dentists suggest that 6-month checkup along with a cleaning done by a professional will help people maintain a relatively stain-free or stain-reduced set of teeth. Good dental care should allow most people to flaunt their “pearly whites” when they smile.

10. The lipstick trick:

Corals, browns and orange-based shades will bring out the yellow in your teeth. Shades with blue undertones make teeth appear whiter, especially in sheer glossy finishes.

Hope this helps. Keep smiling!

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One thought on “10 Secrets To Achieve Whiter Teeth and Beautiful Smile

  1. Actually, brushing your teeth so frequently is not good. Over brushing damages the enamel layer. Doctors ask to brush twice a day because that is the safe & enough amount of brushing our teeth needs.
    Brushing with baking soda & lemon juice? Lemon juice also damages the enamel & makes teeth sensitive.
    There’s no point of whitening teeth turing them sensitive.

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