5 Best Homemade Lemon Face Packs

5 Best Homemade  Lemon Face Packs

We all have used lemon juice at some point or the other for our face packs and skin care.As much as oily skin loves it, sensitive skin may steer clear of strong lemon juice packs for skin care. Lemon is a great grease cutter, the citric acid in it has a peeling action and works as a skin lightening agent as well as anti-tan agent. So take a look at my 5 favorite ways to use lemon juice for skin care.


Lemon and honey pack:

This is great for most skin types, take a spoon of honey and half a spoon of lemon juice, mix them and apply a thin layer for 15 minutes and wash of with cold water, you can add some oil drops in it if your skin is too dry, on its own it is great too.

Lemon, gram flour,yogurt pack:

This is a classic ubtan we have used often, my favorite is to add half a spoon of yogurt, lemon juice may be half a spoon and add little besan to bind it up.Apply it for 20 minutes and wash off, this works for all skin types since yogurt adds moisture, lemon cleanses pores and the besan acts as a scrub too.This will brighten skin and remove tan too.


Lemon, sugar and honey mask:

This is a basically a scrub mask, apply it for ten minutes and use the melted sugar granules for gentle scrub for two minutes and done, this is good for all skin types.

Lemon, besan and raw milk pack:

This is again a basic ubtan and you can add some rose water too, this can be used for 15 days in a row before some big day, to remove stubborn tan and to lighten skin tone in general,I use this often, just vary the amount of lemon juice according to skin type, sensitive skin use lesser.


Lemon, tomato and oats pack:

Lemon and tomato pulp are very potent,these can work wonders for oily skin, use powdered oats to bind these two and apply for 15 minutes and wash off, tan will be gone and pores will be reduced overtime, oats will act as a mild scrub too.

So how do you like to use lemon for your skin care?

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