5 Pink Lipsticks I’d Repurchase

5 pink lipsticks repurchase

Hi Everyone,

I think pinks and corals are my favourite shades when it comes to lipsticks. So I thought I’d share the ones that I’d always repurchase and that I use the most. 🙂


pink lipsticks by mac

l-r MAC impassioned, MAC Mehr, MAC Cosmo, Maybelline Fuchsia Forever, MAC Girl About Town, Chanel L’Exuberante

I have shown 6 in the pic above but two of them are pretty interchangeable.

rati beauty ad

1. MAC Impassioned : It is one of the nicest and brightest coral pink lipsticks I have come across. Always have to have in my kitty.

2.  MAC Mehr and MAC Cosmo : Cosmo has been my favourite lipstick ever since the time I started purchasing MAC products back in 2011. And then Mickey Contractor launched Mehr, which is super close to cosmo just a tad bit pinker. So these two are interchangeable  I love both of these A LOT. If I am wearing kohl eyes, there is a high possibility that I’d have paired cosmo or mehr to balance out the look. They look fab with lots of pink blush as well.

3. Maybelline 14 Hour Lipstick Fuchsia Forever : It’s one of the nicest fresh pink lipsticks that I have come across. Plus it stays on so long. I truly enjoy using it. 🙂

4. MAC Girl About Town : Prettiest fuchsia pink. Love it!

5. Chanel Rouge Allure L’Exuberante : More than the gorgeous pink shade of this lipstick, I like it more for that velvetty matte texture of this.


pink lipstick swatch

MAC impassioned, MAC Mehr, MAC Cosmo, Maybelline Fuchsia Forever, MAC Girl About Town, Chanel Lipstick

So which are your favourite pink lipsticks? 🙂


62 thoughts on “5 Pink Lipsticks I’d Repurchase

  1. Such a pretty shades……. *drool* *drool* And U can carry them very well….
    I am definitely trying MAC lippy next time…..

  2. lovely pinks.. *drool* n ya pink suit you the most… *haan ji* you look so bubbly and pretty with fuchsia kind of shades… *powder* *powder*

  3. Oohhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnn *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* all the lipsticks are sooooooo glamorous *pompom* *woot* can’t really decide which one to buy *nababana* each and every lippie has a different attraction *haan ji* *jalwa* superb collection *pompom* *whistle*

  4. Oooh!! Loved this post! *happy dance* *happy dance* I knew u’d add girl about town in ur list, u simply rock that shade *puchhi* I am running to the mac store asap n getting mehr for sure *powder* *powder* my favorite lippies would be maybelline 14 hour stay with me coral, Revlon colorburst lip butter in cherry tart *happydance* *happydance*

    1. thankoo ramya *puchhi* *puchhi* yeah I am sure mehr would look fab on you :)) I want to check out revlon lip butters. I just have one of them and I soo love it :))

  5. hey Rati., nice collection. I wanted to know if Mehr would suit my nc40 skintone?
    p.s mac please me washed me out.

  6. Wow..I am drooling.. *woot* *woot*
    Even I love pink lipsticks more than any other colours. I have mac impassioned and mac mehr and I love them both *happy dan *clap* ce*

  7. MAC Cosmo is my fav too..and Maybelline Infinitely Fuchsia..is’nt this Infinitely Fuchsia ? I am getting Girl About Town and Impassioned next 😉 Do check out new Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet..and Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic..Loving botthhh these days 😉 😀

  8. awesome shades Rati… *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool*
    I have no idea how can you finish all these lipsticks…i have around4-5 lipsticks and they never get over. even if i start eating lipsticks then too i will not be able to finish it.. hats off to you..
    i think you must be having more then 100-200 lippies ….

  9. I can drool all day now!
    for me sheer pink repurchase would be crème in your coffee from mac and flirtatious pink from colorbar take me as i am range

  10. and now i will review a close dupe of cosmo *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *pompom* *pompom* and then i will come back and *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* 😛 😛

  11. Mehr was my first MAC LIppy. N I just picked up Impassioned 2days back but was having misgivings *headbang* *headbang* whether it was a correct shade (it is loud!). But after reading this article, I’m sitting pretty! *preen* Next will be Girl about town?? *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*
    Fab picks Rati! *clap*

    1. haha!! no it is not. and if you find it too loud to use, just soften the color with your finger tip, it would give that nice coraly stained look effect. ;))

      1. Will do! *thankyou* Thanks for mentioning d tip… I was wondering wat you meant by “use it as a lip stain” which you mentioned in ur full reviews!
        Rati, you think Vegas volt will look nice on me… I’m NC 35??
        Btw… Await ur article on top corals as well!! *drool* *drool*

          1. You are right, I’ll try it first! Thanks!

            Await the list of corals!! *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

  12. I have mac twig but that doesn’t suit me *headbang* *headbang* *headbang* I should have opted for Cosmo.. current wish list is See sheer and Mehr.. hope that will work for me..

    Please do a post for corals as well 🙂

  13. awesome collection Rati…. i have MAC impassioned and i just love it… *drool* *drool* wld like to try other shades also mentioned above… *powder*

    Hey Rati, i have sent you one email, but did not get any reply back. Can you plzz plzzz check….

  14. Aww.. such wonderful shades n wt a color pay off. *clap* shamefully I did nt own a single goodie from above list. *cry* . whr is hubby.. *hunterwali* *spank*

    1. But you own such gogrrgeous loral lispticks. and I have none of them *cry* *cry* anyway you should pick up a nice mac lipstick. I am sure you’d love them *puchhi*

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