8 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Festive Season

How is everyone doing?

Once you reach your 20s, there are certain things which you should be doing and certain things you should be avoiding at all costs. Getting fit and into your body goal is important. If you’re happy as you’re then it’s completely okay; but if you want to get fitter (lose or gain weight), it’s the time to do it. Getting fitter not only involves working out but it also involves taking care of your diet. In Indian homes, following a strict diet can be an issue as we have so many gorgeous holidays where all people do is stuff their faces with rich foods. Also, following the diet can be an issue when you travel. During my last vacations, I made it a point to stick to a diet and work out religiously and I lost 6 kgs in a span of 1.5 months. It requires hard work and dedication and a will to avoid all those cravings. Here’s what you can do which will help you keep the extra weight off.


Drink water

Drink lots and lots of water. Sometimes, your body mistakes thirst for hunger. It happens to me quite often; and, after I drink water, I feel fuller and better. Also, drinking water will help keep your system clean. It’ll help wash away all the rich holiday foods.

Don’t skip meals


What people tend to do around holidays is skip meals so that they can save their large calorie portions for the big meal. This can make you irritable and make you eat more than you really need to. When you have small regular meals, your mind and body perceive it as fullness and your body does not crave rich holiday foods. So when you sit at the table for the big feast, your mind will automatically encourage your body to eat less. Thus, maintaining your diet.

Lighten up dishes and experiment with recipe modification

There are a lot of healthy substitutes out there which can be used. People are usually scared of experimenting with holiday dishes. Trying to include more veggies can usually help and prove to be a healthier option for the family. There are a lot of sugar substitutes. Using honey in the sweet dishes can prove to be a healthier option. Keep in mind of what your family and guests like, though. When these substitutes are hidden, they tend to trick the guests and they are readily accepted.

Eat mindfully


This is a great time to eat mindfully. This will help you keep the pounds off. We’re all on the go, especially during the holidays, but we need to slow down. This helps you savour your meals. A food journal is a terrific tool to help you monitor meals. Try to not hurry, watch your portions and skip seconds – and you may just realise you don’t need them after all. And, that’s particularly thanks to that healthy breakfast and snack you’ve already had. You can still indulge without packing on the pounds. Just be smart. Remember to eat until you’re satiated, not stuffed.

Stay active

One of the most important things during this time is that you need to stay active. Burning those extra calories during the holidays is really important. You need to shed those extra calories to avoid putting on extra weight. You can involve the entire family in it, help out in the kitchen or with the other household chores, you can play with the kids and make it fun. Just remember that being active is the key. If you’re active, you won’t feel sluggish after you indulge in the holiday foods.

Don’t hang by the appetizer table

It’s simple. Just don’t do it. So if you end up being bored or feeling cornered by some relative you don’t like, you don’t overeat. I was at a party once and I was really bored, I stood where the drinks and chips were kept and as far as I remember, I ate half a bowl of chips that night. So guilty I was! Be careful of these. Instead, take a plate and put a few items on the plate so you’re aware of what’s going on your body.

Track your food


Tracking your food and calories really helps. The app gives you a certain number of calories you’re supposed to eat that day and if you do exceed that, you end up feeling guilty. It also categorizes your food into fibre, fat, protein and carbs; so suppose, you eat something heavy one day, say a bowl of Maggie, and you input it into the app. The moment you see the breakdown you’ll never want to eat Maggie again. This has happened with me once and ever since then I haven’t had Maggie at all. I do have a couple of spoons when my boyfriend makes it but otherwise it’s a big no-no. Also, if you end up exceeding your calorie limit a day, you’re automatically careful the next day. This will be very helpful during those holidays.

Balance your meal

It’s always difficult to say no, but if you’re serious about maintaining your goal weight or reaching it, you will have to. If you do want to indulge in something sweet, take a small portion of it and fill your remaining plate with veggies or meat. This will not only give you the freedom to eat what you want but will also keep in check of the waistline. It’s a big deal to say no, but once you do it successfully, you’ll be proud of yourself.

I wish you guys luck. Staying fit requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you’ve failed in the past, learn from your mistakes and continue. Don’t give up. The dream figure is right around the corner.

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