All Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

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tHi Everyone, 🙂
Here are lip swatches for all the liquid matte lipsticks from Huda Beauty.
Price : USD 27/ INR 1700 approx
There are 20 shades with pretty much half the shades of n*des. Basically there is a n*De for every skin tone and in every color kind of a way. I have been using them from past few days and here are my first impressions.


huda beauty liquid lipstick lip swatches
First Impressions :
They are thin and very lightweight on lips.
They are not overly drying and are very comfortable on the lips. Not hydrating for sure.
They don’t crumble after eating the meals. (One of the biggest plus point when it comes to a liquid lipsticks)
Not the most long lasting liquid lipstick. But honestly, I don’t mind because after trying so many liquid lipsticks, I think these ones definitely have one of the most gorgeous formula.
Not the biggest fan of the sweet fragrance.
too many n*des in a range. It’s hard to pick one from the other.
The applicator wand is too long and takes a but to get used to.
you don’t get these in India. I bought it form their official website and had to pay 30% customs over the actually bill amount. Sucked majorly. I suggest that you buy these when you travel. Be careful of the fake ones for sure. Buy only from sellers that the brand suggests you to.
Medusa : Pinky mauve with greyish undertones
Muse : very similar to medusa but is pink(ier)
Trophy Wife : Warm duty rose
Gossip Girl : medium yellow toned pink
Video Star : neonish candy pink
Icon : Terracotta Brown
Cheerleader : Brick red
Heart Breaker : True red
Famous : Deep wine plum
Material Girl : Plummish purple
Trendsetter : yellow based brown
Venus : light n*De brown
Bombshell : peachy n*de
Wifey : Cool toned n*De
Crush : milky n*De peach
Girlfriend : warm peach brown
Sugar Mama : Peach
Flirt : Cool toned brown. Has a bit of greyish undertones
Spice Girl : Coll tone dark brown
Vixen : Dark chocolate burgundy brown

Color Suggestions
Light to Medium : Muse , Gossip girl,Video Star, Icon, famous, venus, bombshell, wifey, crush, girlfriend, sugar mama
Medium to Dusky : Medusa, Trophy Wife, cheerleader, heartbreaker, famous, material girl,trendsetter, vixen, spice girl , flirt

PS : I am already working on a dupes post for all the lipsticks. Will update it in a few days for you all. 🙂 Do let me know which ones are your favourites in comments below. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “All Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

  1. Such an beautiful swatch ?Love trophy wife , trendsetter and material girl ??waiting for ur dupes ?And I think I have a dupe , sleekmakeup velvet slippers matte cream is a close match for trophy wife ?

  2. Whoa!!!! Such awesome shades – Material girl, vixen, trendsetter are such gorgeous ones! It’s awesome to see all these lipsticks together!!!

  3. Gorgeousss!!! Your swatch posts be the best 🙂 I liked Bombshell and Gossip Girl. So many n*des to choose from *_*
    Ps: Are customs paid while ordering or during delivery?

  4. Wow nice shades, I liked trophy wife, icon and trendsetter on your lip swatches. Are these advisable for the very sensitive and dry lips, please advise. Would like to pick a shade or two. thanks!

    1. liquid lipsticks are generally not recommended for very dry lips because they do accentuate the fine lines. however these are not crazy drying. So you should be okay. 🙂

  5. Wow lovely swatches. It is such a beautiful collection of nudes. Loved the shades trophy wife, heart breaker, material girl,muse and flirt. 🙂

  6. I’m dusky to deep skin tone..the colors looks very muted and decent fav are spice girl,flirt and trophy wife .
    (P.S..after searching 3yrs of matching foundation to my skintone…finally got the perfect one,- maybelline fit me poreless matte 330 toffee looks so perfect…i have extremely oily skin..and its blend like second skin to me…very exact to my brown skin…i read your review more than 50times in imbb ..thank you somuch for my HG foundation and shade…your are always my wikipedia in makeup…from the bottom of my heart i read almost all indian blogs and.,you are only one who consider dark skin and give the right suggesstion on makeup ( typical south infian skintone like me from tamil nadu)..where others are concentrate are their own complexion and majority skin tone which falls medium to dusky..thank you..keep going …love u sooooo much..

    1. aww pavithra. what a lovely and thoughtful comment. we have an amazing community of women here on imbb ranging from all sections of India and abroad. Plus our own IMBB has has team members from different sections of india and we al have different skin tones and skin types. how could we not provide helpful information for all of you. lots of love to you as well. 🙂

  7. There are some mistakes in this post though!
    With the lip Swatch – trendsetter and the beginning Hi every one! Please correct it ?????? anyways Great post ???

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