10 Amazing Tips to Look Good When You Are Sick

Have you ever fallen sick at a time when you need to go out and look your best? Well, I am sure that you must have faced such a situation like this at least once in your life. Putting on a good appearance boosts up your confidence and will also help to lift up your spirits. Mentioned below are few points that will help you hide the signs of sickness and put forward a pretty face for an important event.

1. When you’re sick, you’re usually a little dehydrated, too, which can make your skin appear dry and parched. Do not forget to do cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine and slather on a good water-based moisturizer to make skin appear supple.

2. Avoid applying retinol-based or alpha hydroxyl acids such as glycolic acid based creams since such creams can dehydrate and dry out your skin further.

3. If you have puffy, tired eyes because of all the medications that you have been taking, keep used green tea bags in the refrigerator for 20 minutes and keep it over your eyes and relax to reduce swelling of the eyes.

4. Use a  natural color eyeshadow to bring some light to your eyes. Swipe a shimmery white shadow onto your inner corners in a sideways V shape to catch light, which widens eyes.

5. Apply a good mascara to open up the eyes, and to look less tired.

6. Use a homemade brightening eye mask with green tea, red lentils and almonds – here’s the complete tutorial on how to make this mask here.

7. Our eyes tend to look tired and puffy when we are sick – mask them by applying a blue eyeliner – line your upper and lower lids using a good blue eyeliner because it creates an illusion of a wide eyes.

8. Use a bronzer. People tend to look very pink or yellow, depending upon the skin tone, while they’re sick. This will help to mask the pinkness or yellowness that may have appeared on your skin. For a perfect bronzed look even out your skin tone with foundation, if needed. Then, use a peachy-bronze blush. Bronzer looks best when applied lightly to all the spots where the sun naturally shines (the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin). Choose a shade that’s no more than two shades darker than your skin.

9. Just like our eyes, the lips tend to dry up and crack when we are sick. Do not forget to apply a thick lip balm to moisture dry lips and bring them back to life.

10. Have you noticed, our hair also tends to get more frizzy when we are sick and we usually lack any energy to tie them up. It would be a good idea to pull all hair back into a sleek and low ponytail or pull hair back with a thin headband and twist hair into a bun. Scrunch short hair with gel and pin back pieces around your face. You can also use a thin headband for variety!

11. We cannot even begin to detail out the significance of staying hydrated when you are sick. Medications can cause dehydration and that’s why you appear dull – consume more than 8 glasses of water and that should do the trick.

12. Scoop out fresh aloe vera gel and keep it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Apply the cool gel all over face and wipe off after 15 minutes. You will immediately feel the freshness in your skin after this method.

Last but not the least, invest in a good concealer for rainy days, err, we mean sick days. When you are sick, your skin tends to become dull. Apply a good concealer to even out skin tone if you are stepping out.


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