Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry SPF 15 Lip Balm Review

Hello peeps,
I did a recent mini haul of the brand “Anatomicals” because I instantly fell in love with the packaging because it looked so vibrant and quirky! I got a few different things like lip balms, face masks, body scrub, facial mist and so on. I have already reviewed the citrus body scrub and now is the time for the cherry lip balm. Although I have infinite lip balms, this attracted me to the core, so I ended up picking it up. Scroll to know more about this one.

Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry SPF 15 Lip Balm Review

Price: 3.50 Euros/Rs 265 (retails at Rs 349 in India)

Product Description:
It’s no good in keeping your legs (sorry, fingers) crossed that the elements won’t have their wicked way with you. They’re only after one thing: stripping your lips of all items of clothing (sorry, softness). Keep them at bay with this cherry spf 15 balm and if they won’t stop bothering you, kick them in the isobars.
Note: Read the description well and you will get to know what they are talking about 😛

My Experience with Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry SPF 15 Lip Balm:

Packaging: The cherry lip balm comes in a bright tomato red box with bold fonts over it. The lip balm comes in a cherry red tube with a bright yellow cap. The packaging is very sturdy and looks pretty gorgeous and expensive. So I like carrying it in my clutch around to flaunt it a bit! What I really liked about this lip balm or say Anatomicals is how they describe the product. They frame the description so well by creating humour. Really, loved the concept! The lip balm applicator has a slant tip which ensures easy application. The nozzle is a tiny on which lets out only the needed quantity.


Texture, consistency and fragrance: The consistency of the lip balm is more of a gel than a balm. The consistency is pretty thick as compared to Vaseline or other such tubes. It is somewhere close to the Maybelline jelly lip gloss. It feels heavy on the lips and sticky as well. It feels like I have a put a dollop of heavy honey on my lips. You know when you apply a lip balm, your hair flies and sticks to it? This is that kind of a lip balm. It has a very appealing fragrance of fresh juicy cherries which smells pleasant, but smells a bit plastic-y. So don’t know how everyone would like it!

slant tip

Results: The cherry lip balm provides a soft red tint to my lips making my lips fuller and healthier. But the tint is very mild which vanishes after a while, so it wouldn’t be highly visible after an hour. It provides great hydration to my lips and keeps it from drying till the time it stays on my lips. It heals dry and chapped portions on the lips partially but not completely. So people with extremely dry lips will need something even powerful. This is a pretty average one with average results.


Pros of Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry SPF 15 Lip Balm:

• Looks super gorgeous in bright cherry red and yellow.
• Very handy.
• The packaging does look sturdy and expensive.
• Easy to apply due to the slant tip.
• Glides smoothly on my lips.
• It smells amazing of juicy cherries.
• Makes the lips look a little pink and healthier.
• Will provide hydration and stays for 2-3 hours.
• Will partially treat dry and chapped lips.


Cons of Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry SPF 15 Lip Balm:

• Expensive for a lip balm.
• Heavy and sticky.
• Super thick.
• Won’t heal chapped lips completely.
• The tint isn’t very powerful.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry SPF 15 Lip Balm?
The body scrub from them impressed me but this was pretty average. Vaseline lip balm works as good as this one, so no point spending this amount. Wouldn’t pick it u again, but eyeing the other stuff. 😛

Conclusion: Loving their stuff currently, so stay tuned, more reviews coming up from this brand!

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