Anne French Shea Surprise Convenience Hair Remover Kit Review

Anne French Shea Surprise Convenience Hair Remover Kit

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Hair removal creams are one of the easiest and the most convenient way to remove unwanted hair. When I don’t really have time to wax, I use these creams but not often just like once in a month if needed. I also have an epilator but that takes more time and lot of effort as well and the hands start paining. I saw this ad recently about a new kit that Anne French released. I always get tempted by such ads and get the stuff. In fact this was something different that the other hair removal brands . So let’s see was this new release a hit or a miss.

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Rs. 60 for the entire kit ( Hair remover cream, easy-on applicator and a skin-polishing sponge)

Product description:

Anne French tender care is a gentle depilatory cream with the goodness of real shea butter and aloe vera known for their skin benefits. This gentle formulation will make your skin upto 3 times softer after depilation. What’s more, it is so safe that it can be even used on the tender skin of a 14 year old girl. The fresh and soothing aroma of green tea will uplift your senses to make it a memorable experience.

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My take on  Anne French Shea Surprise Convenience Hair Remover Kit:

I have just used those veet creams in the past and that too rarely when I am in urgency and don’t have even 20 minutes to use an epilator. This kit from Anne French is a new launch released I guess 2 weeks ago or something. This kit comes in a big pack with the 3 contents inside. The first is the hair removal cream tube, second is the easy-on applicator and the third a sponge to clean the cream. The cream tube is 3/4th the palm size and will cover up only one and a half hand, so you will actually need to buy one more for the other half hand. The consistency is pretty thick to spread evenly on the hair removal area and comes in a white colour. The fragrance is good and not irritating. It smells almost like those veet creams but just a little better. The contents are pretty easy to carry along. Now when actually using the cream, you need to take out the cap and attach the easy-on applicator to the top. As it has a small hole, so the needed product comes out. It is like you press it on the needed area and spread it with the applicator itself. It spreads very evenly as it had a slant tip applicator. And when you are done, wash the applicator and attach the cap back to the tube. I applied it on the entire hand together as I did not actually have time to wait for even 15 minutes because I waste all the time sleeping lol. The instruction says that it is supposed to be kept for 3 minutes. After 4 minutes I could actually see the hair losing up and become curvy which gives us a hint that they are supposed to be removed now.

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I applied the wet sponge on the entire hand to remove the cream and the hair. It removed all the hair very effectively in just 4 minutes. Keep washing the sponge in between. I could notice a few hair that were not removed but what I did was it just needed a little more effort, so I rubbed the sponge in the opposite direction all my hands were all very squeaky clean without even a single hair. The cream did not sting my skin at all. It left my skin soft and I think that was because of the shea butter and it did not needed any moisturisation. And the entire process did not take much of my time. Overall, it is a very effective hair removal method and what I liked mainly is that this does not have a spatula. The spatula has a very pointy edge which causes rashes on skin and also develops red bumps after usage and nothing as such happened with this kit.

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Pros of Anne French Shea Surprise Convenience Hair Remover Kit:

-It is an entire kit for hair removal.
-The easy-on applicator is better than a spatula as the spatula is pretty pointed and causes bumps and red rashes on my skin.
-Took just 4 minutes to remove all the hair effectively.
-Did not sting on my skin or did not even cause any bumps or so.
-Make skin soft after usage.
-Thick in consistency so spreads easily .

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Cons of Anne French Shea Surprise Convenience Hair Remover Kit:

-Hair grows out again in just one day because it does not remove the hair from roots.
-Two tubes will be needed for both arms.

Will I repurchase/recommend Anne French Shea Surprise Convenience Hair Remover Kit?

Ye,s I am going to get this but using this up is going to take a lot of time as I use them rarely and I will tell you guys to try it just once and compare it with the other creams as to which one you find  better.

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11 thoughts on “Anne French Shea Surprise Convenience Hair Remover Kit Review

  1. *happy dance* i bought this too and its still sealed i liked the concept of the *happy dance* sponge and that slant cap haina

    1. Yes me liked the unique concept too Neha di *happy dance* we always get attracted to all those smally freebies that they give *hihi* *hihi* open it and you are gonna like it… it does a very quick job *clap*

    1. Your welcome Anita *pompom* and wish you too the same *happy dance* yes try it once.. i found it to be better than the other hair removal creams *happydance*

    1. It may give rashes at times but usually nothing as such happens *nonono* you could give a patch test though.. *haan ji* and people say that they darken the underarms if used regularly.. it can’t really comment on it ut people say and i get scared sooo i rarely use them *preen*

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