12 Hair Removal Hacks That Every Woman Should Try

For women, hair removal is a part of our regular beauty routine – waxing, shaving, threading, tweezing are all considered a part of self grooming. While laser hair removal and electrolysis are permanent but expensive ways to become “hairless,” we will be looking towards more affordable and easy ways to remove unwanted facial and body hair. These hair removal hacks that we have included in this post range from across the many methods of hair removal, so no matter which method is your preference, you’re likely to find a hack that will makes this all-important task a little easier and less painful for you. Read about them here:

1. Always Shave with an Oil: Shaving regularly can cause your skin to get dry and irritated. To avoid that, it’s always a good idea to shave with an oil (such as coconut oil or almond oil) instead of a shaving cream. While it’s easy and tempting to use a soap or shower gel to shave, you must always avoid doing that and instead switch to natural oils for super smooth skin.

2. Moisten your Face before Tweezing: If you tweeze your eyebrows, upper lip or chin hair regularly, then you will know that it can often be a very painful experience. However, if yo dampen your skin with a little bit of lukewarm water before you begin tweezing, not only does it make it easier to tweeze, but it also becomes a lot less painful.

Hair Removal Hacks

3. Make your Razor Last Longer with Oil: You can make your razor blade last longer by cleaning it with oil. Once you are done shaving, all you need to do is remove any hair from the blade, rinse it with hot water, let it dry and then wipe it with an oiled tissue or cloth. This will increase the longevity of your razor blade, giving you better results for a longer time.

4. Exfoliate Before Waxing: To get the maximum results out of your waxing session, make it a point to always exfoliate your skin, especially your legs before your waxing appointment. This will prevent ingrown hairs and bumps and will make the results last longer.

5. Don’t Tweeze or Wax between Laser Sessions: If you have opted for laser hair removal, the periods in between sessions where your hair grows back can be very annoying. Typically, your dermatologist will advise you not to tweeze or wax your hair in between laser sessions as this interferes with the growth cycle of your hair. The best thing to do for these in-between periods is to shave with a good quality razor or to invest in a trimmer.

6. Trim out the Hair: If you are waxing or shaving after a significant interval, then it is a good idea to trim the length of the hair to about a quarter of an inch before you start waxing or shaving.

7. Always use Sun Protection: After any process of hair removal—waxing, shaving, epilating or laser treatment—your skin becomes sensitive and therefore more prone to damage. It is all the more important for you to make sure that you are protecting it by wearing adequate sunscreen on all exposed parts.

8. Avoid using Deodorants Right After: If you are shaving or waxing your underarms, it is advisable that you avoid using any deodorant, body spray or perfume directly on the skin. If body odour is an issue, you could opt for a DIY natural deodorant.

9. Protect any moles/bumps/rashes: If you have any moles, bumps or rashes on your skin, make sure that your waxing/threading/shaving processes don’t interfere with the same. This can cause further damage and can potentially be harmful.

10. Apply this Scrub To Prevent Strawberry Legs: Before waxing and shaving legs, for a few days, make an exfoliating scrub with 2 tbsp of coffee powder and 1 tbsp of baking soda. This exfoliating scrub breaks down hair follicles and helps in loosening up the hair from its roots with waxing.

11. Make your Own Natural Sugar Wax at Home: Making your own hair removal wax at home is quite easy, and we have explained a detailed process on how to make wax with easily available ingredients in this post.

12. Vaseline Hair Removal Pack: Make a thick paste by mixing 1 tbsp of gram flour, 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder, 2 tbsp of milk, and 1/2 tbsp of Vaseline. Apply the paste in the direction of hair growth, wait for 30 minutes or until the paste is dry, and pull it off in the opposite direction. This is a chemical-free method to remove unwanted hair, especially facial hair.

How To Make Sugar Wax For Underarms


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