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Nidhi Asks :

How to apply a hair mask..? Immediately after washing hair? After Washing + conditioning hair? Can be applied even a day after you wash your hair?


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  1. I think you should apply it after washing and towel drying your hair, so that the product is absorbed properly. let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then wrap a hot towel onto the head. Unwrap after another 10-15 minutes. Let the sweat (from the heat) get evaporated. then wash your hair with shampoo. Conditioner may also be used if your hair is very dry.
    hair packs may be used without prior shampoo at times, only if you are sure that you haven’t been out for long. You’d want your hair to be free of dust, sweat and pollutants. :blush:

  2. hair masks available in the market mainly aim as a deep conditioning treatment.
    I use it once a week .(as part of my DIY hair spa :toothygrin: )
    first shampoo your hair and get rid of all dirt and build ups–rinse of excess water from your hair–then instead of using ur regular conditioner,apply the mask onto your hair n NOT scalp. ( i apply mainly onto the hair ends, as my scalp is bit oily,but ends are dry)–keep it for 4-5 minutes(better if u can wrap a warm towel around)–wash of with cold water
    Follow up with a good hair serum
    Hope this helps O:)

  3. you can use hair masks depending on your requirements.. after washing your hair is preferable though as you have clean scalp and hair at that time… there are so many available these days in the market.. make sure that you apply on your ends as well and put them into a loose bun and wear a shower cap so as not to spoil the clothes. timings may vary and are mentioned on the packaging… If you are using homemade hair masks then i guess 30 – 45 minutes will be sufficient.. :)) :)) :)) hope we are able to help you…

  4. Hi Nidhi, any hair mask you put on your hair should be on for 15 to 30 minutes and should not exceed for a longer period of time. You should also be careful that you have squeaky clean hair when you apply hair masks, best shampoo and dry your hair. O:) I would say just wash your hair and apply hair mask, skip the conditioning part. O:)

  5. Hey everyone! thankyou for your replies..:)
    @Sahar: I got Oriflame Coconut and Ricemilk mask.
    @Ritu Sukanya Niesha: 🙂
    @jomol: 1st time I used it I made a mistake by applying only on scalp..when I saw the super hair loss I thought it was better to ask the Experts 🙂 BTW Are biotique gel based conditioners safe enough to use on scalp..If you feel your scalp is dry?

  6. hey nidhi,
    i suggest if your scalp is dry apply pure aloe vera gel, the one that comes in a dabba, or the real pulp from the aloe leaf. any chemical can further aggravate ur scalp condition.
    btw i use loreal absolute repair on my hair like so ,
    shampoo hair, towel dry so that there is no water to dilute the masque. apply the masque from mid length , if u apply it near scalp ur hair will stick to ur scalp. i then use a blow dryer to go over my hair ends. this helps the masque penetrate better, apply some more masque on ends. (i do this to tame frizzies and prevent split ends.) keep hair in a shower cap, or a warm towel. You can get done with the rest of your bath. Leave the masque for atleast 5-10 mins, most packs say 2-3 mins, i find that time too little. then use lots of water to wash the masque off. Use cool /cold water as last rinse. this keeps the effects of your mask intact, and give you shiny hair. i suggest u let ur hair air dry after ur bath.

  7. hey rati i had mailed u an article on joy facewash.i really dnt know why it is not yet published. .it was my first article here n i would be really grateful if u publish it here

  8. U can use hotwater & squeez it…U can evn check youtubes on how to prepare hot towels Or else put a shower cap(Preferably a thick one) on ur hair(Obviously wid the mask applied) & den use a blow drier on top of it…it will make ur Shower cap hot eventually ur hair will become hot…i hope it helps…

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