Honey and Olive Oil Homemade Hair Mask

Honey and Olive Oil Homemade Hair Mask

Lately, I had exposed my hair to heat through blow drying and hair ironing, which made my hair drier and dull. So, I decided to treat my hair with a homemade hair mask. Honey and Olive Oil are very moisturizing in nature and work very well for hair and this hair mask needs just two ingredients, and 30 minutes of time, and we are done.

Honey and Olive Oil Homemade Hair Mask

So, let’s get started with the hair mask:

    • Gather everything required for this hair mask: a bowl, spoon, honey and olive oil.
    • Add 4 spoonfuls of honey in the bowl; this much is good enough for hair which is little below the shoulder length.


    • Add 5 spoonfuls of olive oil in it. You can add more if you have long hair. I mostly apply olive oil to my hair a night before applying this mask. In that case, just 3 spoonfuls of olive oil will also do.

Olive Oil

    • Now, mix the honey and olive oil thoroughly. It won’t take much energy or time.

Olive Oil

    • For applying this mask evenly on your hair, divide your hair in 4 parts. By middle parting your hair throughout and then dividing these two parts in 2 half once more.
    • Now, soak all 4 parts of your hair with the honey + olive oil mixture, and tuck your hair up.


  • Finally cover your hair with shower cap (if you don’t have shower cap, use a plastic bag), and let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes.
  • Then, wash your hair with any mild shampoo. You may need to shampoo twice for removing the mask completely from your hair, but it won’t be as difficult as clearing banana or fenugreek hair mask. You can use conditioner if you want.

You will notice that your hair became shinier and softer after using this mask. You can notice the difference in the first time itself.  To give the much-needed moisture and shine to your hair, use this hair mask once a week or twice a month.

Try this out and have happy, moisturized hair.

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47 thoughts on “Honey and Olive Oil Homemade Hair Mask

      1. Hey sweta.. Instead of half hour.. I let it stay for one hour.. It was pretty easy to wash out.. Hair feels more bouncy and shinier.. More manageable.. I usually experience some frizziness after oil and shampoo.. But styling my hair was soo easy after this.. Only thing.. I experienced unusual sweating in my hair yesterday evening… What could possibly be the reason for this..

  1. Thanks for sharing! Was wonderingif putting on the shower cap helps to retain the moisture, cause I sometimes feel the roots get loose and causes more hairfall during shampoo? Please enlighten 🙂

    1. shower cap is kept to generate heat so that the moisturizing effect can go deep within. About causing hair fall during shampooing, I am not so sure of this. As I always loose some hair while hair wash 🙁

    1. I have this on right now – I am out of olive oil, so I have used coconut oil. I needed 6 teaspoons of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of honey for my not-even-shoulder-length hair 😀

        1. It was pretty easy to wash out. I didn’t need to shampoo twice or anything like that. I washed it with diluted shampoo once, then conditioned it, then styled it as usual.
          There is no difference in the softness of my hair, but my curls are shinier! 🙂
          I love this mask, and will be using it more often. Thanks, Sweta 😀

  2. Sitting on my head now! Made it in Vatika though. Didn’t have Olive oil at home. And just before I read this post had slathered on some almond oil! Shall tell ya the results

  3. Today i massaged my hair with bringraj oil for 15 min. then applied egg-white and then covered with hot towel for 30 min. shampoo my hair is wow….bouncy,shiny and lovely,,totally loving it..

    1. Akshatha, I have also header from some people that Honey lightens hair color.. But I have not seen any change in my hair color yet…

  4. haha I do this. olive oil`s amazing . I use it in my henna pack too. Plus honey neutralizes frizziness. perfect.

  5. Hey Sweta,

    i tried this and it works. since i have oily dandruff i squuezed in a little lemon juice as well.

    Girls, as part of your normal oiliing process, dont just stick to one oil. Mix these 4 types of oil and use this whenever needed for a massage. i usually mix a big jar and keep but you can vary proportion as per your needs.

    half cup : Olive OIl
    half cup : Castor Oil
    half cup : ALmond Oil
    1 and half cup : Coconut OIl

    i use this combination all the time. its blessing for rough and dry hair 🙂

    Love -Neetu

  6. thanx for sharing sweta… will try next time… yesterday i have tried mixture of curd, egg n olive oil on my hairs n i have got awesome result..

  7. i too read that honey turns the hair grey.
    To prevent greying of the hair heat the required
    Amount of honey in a micro waveable dish or
    An ordinary kadhai. Then use it. Hair won’t turn grey

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