How to Apply Lipstick for Great Lips

sexy lips
sexy lips

How to Apply Lipstick

Most of us are naturals on how to apply lipsticks. Or are we? Here are some things to apply lipsticks to perfection:

  • Focus on one feature and promote it- If eyes are your best feature then do them up with a minimal nude lip. If you love your smile then apply a red that you feel comfortable wearing and make your lashes stand out. The worst thing you can do is highlight all your features as people won’t know what to concentrate on and you will look well overdone.
  • Exfoliate dry chapped skin by rubbing your lips gently with a gentle face scrub or a soft baby tooth brush. Apply some lip balm on your dry lips to moisturize them a little.
  • Apply rest of your makeup before putting on lipstick and lip liner.
  • Apply a lip liner along the edges of your lips. Do not use a liner which is darker in shade than your lipstick or gloss. Start at the center of the upper lip and work towards the corners of your mouth. To “plump” you lips, apply liner a little outside your natural lip line. Dab some gloss in the middle of your bottom lip. To apply liner smoothly rest your elbow on a firm surface.

    lovely lips
    lovely lips
  • Choose lipstick colors that match the natural shade of your lips. Matte lipsticks complement a workday makeup, while satin and gloss finishes are useful for evening looks. Apply matte lipsticks to make your lips look smaller. Orange or brown shades tend to make teeth appear yellow. If you have yellow teeth use lipstick with a bluish undertone. Women with fair complexion should apply pink shades. Apply light shades on a broad mouth. If your lower lip protrudes out, apply dark shade lipstick in the middle of the lips and draw light outline.
  • Take some lipstick onto a brush and fill the outline of the lips. Open your mouth to colour the corners of your lips.
  • Blot excess lipstick with a tissue paper. But if you want the shimmer on your lips, do not blot after the final application. Take your index finger and pop it into your mouth, rolling your lips around it. Then pull it out taking the excess lipstick on it. This will prevent the lipstick from staining your teeth.
  • How to make your lipstick last- Start with the base of concealer all over the lip, just a small amount. Line and fill in the lip with your lip liner and then powder. Use your lipstick and this should last for at least four hours. For extra long wear powder the lipstick and reapply. For extra glossy shine, apply frosted highlighter or gloss on the centre bottom lips. Lip liner can not only help you get clean edges of the overall effect of lipstick but keeps the product from bleeding and wearing off.
  • If you are going to sip from a glass lick your lips a little before taking a sip.


19 thoughts on “How to Apply Lipstick for Great Lips

  1. Hey Mahima gr8 review!!!! :yes: Can u also suggest how to apply lipstick on thin lips to make them look thicker….and also what shades wud suit wheatish complexion with thin lips…somehow i feel browns dont luk good on me..n i always end up buying various shades of pink… :-((

    1. yes!
      i have the same query…
      my lips are really thin and whenever i apply any lipstick my lips become thinner 🙁 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  2. Wowie! i’m so glad to see responses on my first article!!!!!

    Farha & samyukta- Try to use light shades of lipstick so that your lips don’t look noticeably thin as they do with very dark shades of lipstick. Outline the lips with neutral colored lip pencil slightly beyond the lip edges to ‘plump’ the lips. After applying lipstick, on the center of your lips spread a little white shadow.

    1. white shadow!!!??? Wow! never heard of that b4!!!! ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) it’s worth a shot! 😀 i’ll try pakka se and let u know Mahima… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
      Thanks a ton :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


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