How to Apply Lipstick for Great Lips


How to Apply Lipstick

Lips get drier and thinner with the age, particularly the upper lip and thus the lipstick tends to bleed. It is essential to make lips look fuller for a younger look. You need to keep your lips heavily moisturised, and apply some exfoliation once in a while to keep the texture smooth


You should avoid metallic, bright and dark shades. Instead apply neutral shades and consider lip gloss over lipstick as it gives more fullness. – Aashmeen Munjal, makeup artist


Your lips also need some pampering. Remove dry chapped skin by rubbing your lips gently with a gentle face scrub or a soft baby tooth brush. Apply some lip balm on your dry lips, let it soak in, and then rub it off with a brush or a soft towel. Then wash off with a face wash. After that apply almond oil or ghee and massage in. Do this at night for a soft pout in the morning.

Dos in Lipstick Application

  • Use creamy or vitamin enriched lipsticks to keep your lips moisturized.
  • Always outline your lips with a lip liner outside your natural lip line as it helps in giving an illusion of a fuller lip
  • For luscious sheen apply translucent lip gloss.
  • Apply shades that closely match your natural lip colour.
  • You can fill up your lips with a lip liner the colour of your lipstick to avoid it from bleeding.

Don’ts in Lipstick Application

  • Avoid using dark shades as they make lips look thinner.
  • Do not apply the lipstick outside the lip’s natural shape. Avoid drawing your mouth.
  • Avoid dry matte lipsticks.
  • Do not forget to take off your lipstick before going to bed.

Keeping these lipstick application tips and tricks in mind would always give your lips a shiny, luscious look.

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10 thoughts on “How to Apply Lipstick for Great Lips

  1. wish to stay alive till jolie gets old 🙂 wanna desperately know how she luks with thinner pout 🙂

    somehow i dont get the use of lip liners. I dont like to use a liner, then lipstick then top it with a gloss. If somebody told me this was the routine, I prefer to stay away from lippies.

    I have a couple of liners, but never reach for them. Poor things, may be time to attend 🙂 thnx rati :))))

  2. HI Divija,

    Actually you are right. The tips are good but should be taken with a grain of salt. I hate using lip liners. The only time I use them is when I have t attend a long function or have to be outdoors for a longer period of time. Rest lipsticks work fine. Infact, I love glosses even when they don’t have a longer staying power. 🙂

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