How to Choose Lipstick Color

choose lipstick colorHow to Choose the Right Lipstick Shade

An ever fighting beauty battle for women is finding the right lipstick color that suits you, and doesn’t have you feeling like a clown that belongs at your 4-years birthday party. Some may think they have it all down packed…but hello….. have a read of this before you next choose your lippy!

The lipstick shade that you pick should compliment your skin tone, as well as incorporating in with your hair color, your eye color and the most important your natural lip color. All your efforts of applying lipstick perfectly are of no use if the shade of your lipstick is mistaken. The right shade makes a lot of difference in the appearance and overall personality you want to present. You may be a shade away to get luscious lips with a few quick and easy guidelines-

The basic know how for lip colors is to remember that it is very important to keep lighter colors for daytime and darker for night! Common sense really…for any women!!! A sheer natural color with a matte finish is always good for the day and a more high-gloss bold finish is great for the night.

If you have dark skin you have the greatest flexibility: Plums, chocolates, reds, pastels and oranges all work with your skin. (Generally, the deeper your skin tone, the deeper the shade of lipstick you can wear and look beautiful.) With this color skin tone its best to avoid bright orange, pink and bold reds, but also if on the right person with a bold personality all these colors can look mind-blowing. Almost any shade of brown, berries, deep rose may flatter this skin tone also.

choose lipstick colorIf you have a medium skin tone with golden undertones, all shades of red are for you. Brown-based mauve, sheer berry or spicy brown will also look great.  To help brighten a medium skin tone, deep reds and blue-reds work great. Rich pinks, especially with brown undertones, will really enhance and flatter a medium skin tone.

And lastly if you have pale skin, stick to nudes, beige tones, light corals and light pinks. Sheer formulations will probably be most flattering on you. Avoid reds with an orange undertone and especially hot pink, these colors tend to wash out and over power a fair complexion. Shimmery and wine red colors work great for adding a little color and sparkle to your skin tone.

On top of all the guidelines above it is also a good idea when choosing lip color to think about your lip size? Yes it may sound weird but certain colors will help either make your lips look fuller or smaller. Darker shades tend to make your lips look smaller while lighter shades make your lips look fuller. Another helpfully hint to shape your lips is a lip liner. Lip liners should be a shade darker than your lipstick but still in the same color family, and always applied after your lipstick. To save the messiness!

Have you ever brought a lipstick and then got home at thought, Yuk. Well don’t throw out those lipsticks that are just a wee bit off. You can create a great lip color by blending lipsticks you don’t like. For lipstick that’s just a bit too bright, tone down the color with a darker liner before applying a lipstick. Its also a great way to wear a color that you know no-one else will be wearing!

Now these are just some easy basic guidelines to follow, im not saying that if your lip color you wear doesn’t fall under your skin tone, that its wrong and you must immediately stop wearing it, this is just a basic guideline that can also save the day of a beauty disaster. Your lip color is completely up to you, how you are feeling on that certain day, your personal style, personality and above all its who you are!!!!!

So next time your shopping for the right lip color have a think back to these basic steps, add your personal style and I’m sure your lips will forever be kissable!!

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  1. nice article Emma! :waytogo: though I was a bit confused to read that lip liners should be applied after lipstick. I always thought lip liners are to be applied before and on the entire lip not just the boundary to make lipstick last longer. ?:)

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