How Do You Apply Makeup in Humid Weather?



It’s hard to carry a full face of makeup in melting hot weather because humid and hot weather will mess up your makeup come what may, but never give up and keep your makeup game by picking the products a little cautiously and by following some simple makeup tips. Here we tell you how to apply makeup in humid weather and make it look fresh and pretty, even when the weather is working against you.

How to Apply Makeup in Humid Weather

Prep-up the skin:

Thorough cleansing with an oil-control face wash helps in effective removal of dirt and the salty residue that’s left behind after a sweat session because makeup goes best on to the clean skin. Also, massage your skin with an ice cube before applying makeup as it helps the makeup to be flawless and long lasting. Start with a light-tinted oil-free moisturizer that contains SPF before you start layering other products as it protects the skin from sun rays and gives a good base.
  • Primer is primary: If you’re one who skips primer always, then it is high time that you need to add it in your makeup routine. It just takes a few seconds to apply the primer after moisturizing the facial skin and is efficient in holding the foundation, enhancing coverage and keeping it in place for long hours. Matte primers that give a natural finish are just right to beat the heat and humidity.
  • Right foundation and base: 
A liquid foundation is the best choice in humid weather as it can remain well merged with your skin and does not get cakey or cracked. So, apply a thin layer of foundation after applying moisturiser and primer. Also, prefer stick concealers to do the correction part. If you’re in a hurry or if you’re blessed with great skin, stick to your favorite BB or CC creams. When applying your makeup, always remember that less is more when you are dealing with humid weather.
  • Use translucent fixing powder
: Once the humid weather starts, it is the right time to switch from compact powder to translucent powder. Compact is tinted and can run down your cheeks when you sweat and makes your face streaked. Translucent powders are colourless and do the job of banishing oily, shiny skin very well. It absorbs all oil and mattifies the skin instantly.
  • Use cream-based products
: Cream-based products are perfect for humid weather as they blend into the skin and prevent makeup from melting down. They adhere to the skin better than powder because creams actually stick on to the skin, whereas powder would just sit on top of your skin. Also, cream products do not cake or streak even when you are sweating. So, right from concealer to blush to eyeshadow, prefer cream products.
  • Go waterproof: Waterproof mascara, eyeliners and kohl are your best friends in this humid weather. Though they might not be easy to remove at the end of the day, they can save you panda eyes and also a lot of embarrassment. If you have oily eyelids, set your eyeliner with dark eyeshadow for longer wear. For eyeshadows, prefer powder form as they will help control sweat production and stay on longer. Also, apply a thin layer of eye primer before to prevent them from creasing. For eyebrows, opt for pomade or wax-based brow products instead of powder or pencil. If not, you can also top off your eyebrow powder or pencil with a waterproof top coat.
  • Go easy on the lips:
 Lipstick tends to fade out easily if the upper lip area is highly prone to sweating. So, make it last longer by applying lipstick after lining the lips. Also, apply double coat of lipstick for longer results. Apply the first coat and then press a tissue paper between the lips to seal the lipstick and extract excess. Follow this with an application of a second coat and your lips are all set for the day. For an everyday look, a tinted lip balm or soft lip stains are preferred more as compared to glossy and vibrant shades. Try n*de, peach and some rosy shades for a subtle look or go bold with tangerine and grape colors.
  • Use setting spray: Set your makeup with a setting spray to ensure that your makeup doesn’t move from its place for another 16 hours. After you have finished applying makeup, simply spray it all over the face evenly by keeping it at arm’s length and let it dry.
  • Use the right technique: Not only the right products, even the right makeup technique counts. So, instead of swirling your brush around your face, do a dabbing/patting motion as it sets the makeup better.
  • Always carry blotting papers:
Never leave home without blotting papers as it eliminates the unsightly shine in seconds. So, whenever you feel so sweaty or shiny, simply dab it softly all over the face to absorb moisture and oil instantly without removing makeup.

Perk up for the season with these right makeup tips and never stop boosting up your confidence and enjoying every bit life has to offer!


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