How to Avoid Blotchy Eye Shadow

How to Avoid Blotchy Eye Shadow

Eye shadows are a staple product in nearly every woman’s makeup arsenal. And why shouldn’t they be after all eye shadows give your eyes that desired sultry look. But with some pros come some troubles too, as the day wears on, it is not uncommon for eye shadow to develop creases and looking blotchy.


There’s nothing worse than spending time on your makeup and having it looking blotchy and cakey in the end just because you overlooked few steps initially. To avoid the eyeshadow horrors just follow these basic tips while getting ready:

Tips to Avoid Blotchy Eye Shadow

• Clean your skin thoroughly and then apply a non-greasy facial moisturizer avoiding the eye area, so that you are not left with a greasy film on your eyelids.

• If you have particularly oily lids, skip the application of concealer or foundation on your lids.

• Apply an eye primer. This will ensure your eye shadow lasts all day and will prevent your eye makeup from melting, creasing or disappearing within a few hours. Apart from making the application easier it will also make your eye shadow colour look more vibrant.


• When using powder eyeshadow make sure that you build-up the intensity by applying your eyeshadow in thin layers to prevent caking. Always tap off any excess shadow product before applying shadow to your lids. Directly applying the excess product on your lids may also spill and land below your eyes.

• Avoid the use of eye creams when it comes to keeping your eye shadow crease-free. They are too heavy for delicate eyelid skin and will only make your shadow crease and look blotch as the day progresses.

• Use a flat-head eye shadow brush to apply your eye shadow, and follow a stippling motion technique to set in the product. Work from the inner corner of your eyes toward the outer corner.

• Avoid shimmery shadows on the creases and outer corners of the eyes, where creasing is more likely to happen. For even more crease-proof action, set your shadow with a swipe of translucent powder.

• Cream shadows have a tendency to crease the most, so for best results, tap on a translucent powder or eye shadow in a similar colour over the cream. Or consider going with a cream-to-powder formula instead.


• When your eyeshadow starts to look blotchy and patchy on your lids, buff on an eye primer to the patchy area using a fluffy dome brush then reapply your eyeshadow.

By following these tips, your eye makeup will look great and last all day!

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