B & D Lip Gloss Shade 022 Review

B & D Lip Gloss Shade 022

Vitamin-enriched, non-stop shine! These lacquer-like Lip Gels will glide smoothly over your lips or you can wear them over lipstick for extra shine. Soak your lips in one of our delicious shades of lip gloss for high shine and totally glam looking lips. Enriched with antioxidants A, C, and E, this gloss will leave lips soft and luscious. Non-sticky, glossy, weightless formula stays shiny and fresh!



Rs. 350


As a hoarder you might know I never pick one or two things when I shop for makeup, I buy almost everything I like which fits my budget and also I shop like I can never come back tomorrow 😛 hoarders who agree please stand up in this case, the store is in Mumbai and yes I could not see myself coming back any time soon so I picked up the prettiest creamy lip glosses, I am not saying they are marvelous but they are pretty creamy glosses to own, perfect for on top of lipsticks, I love these kind of glosses, these look so beautiful.


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It comes in a simple case and cardboard casing which mentions the entire list of ingredients but I have always said I dont like the font with which they write on the box, it makes the product look cheap.The gloss tube is simple functional transparent and the applicator is nice simple flat applicator, no issues there.The tube feels long and some of them they have slimmer tubes too. Nothing bad there, pretty to keep in the stash, I throw the black cartons asap.


The color of this one is a lilac pink, it has got tons of pink and silver shimmer to it, but somehow the shimmer is not OTT it looks so girly and feminine, maybe since it is pink shimmer too, but something is really attractive about the shimmer. The color is a pink but very lavender and hence very blue toned, hence it is recommended to fair and cooler skin tones only..


The texture is creamy and smooth it can be called leaning towards semi opaque but not opaque, it can be built up but then it will turn more shimmery. It is great to top on your deeper cooler pink lipsticks, the shimmer on the centre of the lips will look good if you top it on lipsticks.The lasting power is average, no great shakes, on top of a lipstick will make it last more, but it is just like any other lip gloss, not runny but not thick either.The shimmer stays behind as the color fades off and if you wipe your lips, it can travel to your cheeks too.


I am recommending this for the beauty of the color and for hoarding such a pretty looking cool lilac lavender pink shimmer gloss, it is really pretty, otherwise average staying and it can be built up to look a little opaque, in one coat this will not cover lip pigmentation.


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  1. Can you please tell me where exactly is the store located in Mumbai?…Also the colour suits you.I can never carry off any blue based shades 🙂

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