Baldness in Women: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

baldness in womenAnother major problem faced by women these days is excessive hair fall. Hair fall is a problem faced by almost all men and women whereas baldness is more common among men. The hair loss pattern differs from person to person. Recently it has been proved that even women face baldness in a large scale. There are numerous causes, treatments and even preventive measures for this which would be discussed in this article.

We could have seen our great grandmothers in their 80s with great amount or thickness of hair that our mom would have lost when she was just 50 and high chances that we lose it when we are in 30s !!!! Yes today’s life style has immense effect in our body including our hair. The hair growth cycle would give you an idea about the rate of hair growth.

Hair growth cycle – Usually each hair (naturally) grows approximately half inch per month irrespective of how you take care of your hair. Each hair has a growing period of 2-6 yrs [depending on various factors like age, hormonal changes, etc] after which they tend to fall. After the hair fall a new hair would grow from the same follicle.


baldness in women
• Increased stress levels changes the way the hormones work in our body and thus causes baldness.
• Hormonal changes during pregnancy.
• Allergy caused due to certain medicines. For Eg. Medicines prescribed for depression, hormonal changes, blood pressure, etc.
• Allergy caused by products like hair dye, shampoos, etc.
• Fungal infection in the scalp.
• Dandruff and dandruff that does not get treated on time.
• Pollution that includes both air and water. Careful while you dip yourself in swimming pools that is filled with chlorine water. My friend actually said the chlorine in a swimming pool changed the colour of her swim suit !!!!!
• Dirty and badly maintained hair.
• Hormonal changes like thyroid problems would cause extensive hair fall that result in baldness. My mum faced this, though she recovered now.
• Heredity.


• Best way to prevent it is to have a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and iron. Also including amla, curry leaves and other green leafy vegetables would enhance the hair’s condition and helps in developing strong hair.
• Have your health checked regularly so that any deficiency would be treated earlier and at the same time the side effects caused can better be prevented.
• This is the internal way and externally it is always necessary to keep the hair clean and free of any infections and dandruff. It is also better to use good shampoos and good hair care brands.
• Keep an eye on your hair always. If you are losing large amount of hair suddenly it is better you consult a Doctor immediately.


Unlike premature greying, this baldness in women can be treated. So never lose hopes Treatment varies from person to person.

• Changing the medicine that causes hair fall in you.
• Changing to a clean and healthy lifestyle by taking proper hair care. If you spend 5 mins for your face spend 10 mins for your hair. You can always imagine a face without make up but not a bald head.

In worse case where the above points don’t help there are options available like having a wig or doing artificial hair transplantation. However if you feel this cannot replace your natural hair then better start pampering your hair now.

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    :thanks: Aarthi.. :thanks: very mUch tO shAre this …

  2. Last year, I found a bald patch at the back of my head, about a size of golf-ball….it was scary….later I found out that this is called “Alopecia areata”…usually caused due to stress, heredity or sometimes its unknown. Its one of Autoimmune diseases and I had about 3 of them in a row, first I had this, then I had a small attack of joint athritis, in which all my joints were exremely painful for 1 day and then I had red rashes all over my body, which flared up after I took bath and subsided in an hour or two. I had to take steriods to make my hair grow back and I had to about 3 sessions for steriod shots… most of my hair has grown back….but it took almost a year or little more to grow it all back…..It was so scary….but I refused to be depressed about it…..Touchwood, now nothing has happened in last 3 months, so far so good!

    1. Thanks re…..I read in one of the articles, that ye stress se hota hai par real stress to pata chal ne ke baad hota hai…hehehehe…..btw for me it was not stress-related because I am one of the bindaas-es…..que sera sera….jo bhi ho to ho….I beleive that if you have more today, enjoy….if you have less today, enjoy….. :thanks: to all who love me….. :hunterwali: to all who hate me….. :inlove: with my kids and hubby….. :fingerscrossed: to all good things…… :eat: (eat) :jaiho: (pray) and :rose: (love)…..

    1. One of my relatives is expert in this field….she suggested that short hair stops hair fall….so if you have a phase where hair fall is excessive, cut to shoulder-length to halt the loss.

    2. Just try changing ur diet.. increase fruits,greens and include amla, curry leaves n dates.. if u still face the prob then pls go for a chk up.. coz v girls can never bear hair loss..

  3. aarthi i am super scared of losing my hair… but I know how big and depressive this problem could be for women. thanks for the article and the reminder. :waytogo:

    1. Rati, need a little help. i was trying to place an order on coastal scents but the indian states r not showing in the drop down. i just chose some random state n filled rest of the info correctly but its giving error. did u face a similar problem?

  4. Its very nice Article Aarthi :yes: ! I remember my mom used to make Amla ke murraba & at that I had nice thick hair, but after mom passed away my hair has become thin .

  5. A BIG hello :)) to all IMBBians…..
    A damn gud article aarti…………….. I am reading ur blogs these dayz n loved all of them even i liked almost all blogs of IMBB..great work…would love to be a part of it…..

    love u all beauty princess……… :heart: :heart:

  6. nice article Aarthi…
    Guess i am getting addictive with IMBB. i can relate to this hair loss and baldness issue..
    I was blessed with the healthy long hair naturally.But a yr before i noticed a tremendous amount of it falling off 😯 . i got depressed and frustrated :(( . Thats wen i met a gyno and she gave me a reason for it.PCOS with hormonal changes ,and i clearly had every symptoms of it,….first step was to change my life style and be active enuf…so things have improved a lot.
    All i say is if u find any abnormal changes..find the root cause of it and try banishing it… :announce:

  7. Hi Girls,

    I would like to share my distressing story on this subject. I am prone to ‘Alopecia areata’. I know this genetic, since my mom and grand mom had it. Mine is triggered when I am extremely stressed…6 months before my wedding..i discovered a small circular patch at the base of head. Fortunately, it can be easily covered, by my otherwise thick hair. Its very scary and quite demoralizing for a bride-to-be.

    I had 4 patches, at the time of doing my Masters exam, 6 years ago; and that experience really had me stopped in my tracks. This is my second round.
    My doctor says it will grow back, and I have to take care of my hair and live a stress free life. She gave me some steroid cream and a few encouraging words, which really helped. I have made a solemn promise to myself, that I will never neglect my hair and health again.

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