9 Hair Care Tips for Long Hair for Indian Women

long shiny hair
long shiny hair

Hair and Hair Care

Indian women love their hair and love it long. For most of the women in India, it is in their tradition to keep their tresses long and healthy and shiny. Indian men, too like their women with black and long hair. Good length and healthy hair is what marks the beauty of the Indian women. Hair is an indicator of good health, too.

It is extremely important to maintain and enhance the quality of hair and take care of those long tresses without much mess. Traditionally it is customary for most of the women in India to oil their hair regularly. Here are few tips:

Hair Care Tips

• Normal coconut oil just helps keep the hair non-messy and neatly tied. But unlike the myth it does not help grow hair.
• Many essential oils are applied and kept overnight to make hair real smooth and shiny. Almond oil is known for its good qualities and helps hair grow long faster and makes hair silky.
• Castor oil and brahmi and amla oil are widely used in India especially in all traditional homes. Mustard oil too is widely used for its good hair enhancing characters.

• Indian women can also use tea oils; it is an excellent hair applicant. It makes hair glow and shimmer with healthy shine.
• Indian women have a large variety of options to choose from to take care of their hair and maintain it.
• Many home made oils are used extensively by Indian women to maintain their hair long and strong. Regular usage of hard and strong shampoos must be avoided. Subjecting one’s hair to too many beauty parlor sessions for hair must be avoided. Subjecting the hair to lot of blow-drying and straightening must be avoided.
• But coconut oil mixed with essential herbs and hibiscus and curry leaves makes hair real healthy and strong and black. They take care of pre-mature graying of the hair and keep them deep rooted.
• Amla powder, ritha and shikakai powder and bhringraj powder can be mixed along with curds and lemon can be used as cleansing agents.
• Mixture of lemon and curds and tea extracts can be used as hair masks and can be washed off using good shampoo, using mild shampoos regularly to keep off dandruff and oily hair helps, but to avoid pre-mature graying only traditional ways of keeping hair healthy helps.

Not that difficult, keep them shining long.


78 thoughts on “9 Hair Care Tips for Long Hair for Indian Women

    1. Shilpa, I don’t know exactly how it is made, coconut oil is heated with hibiscus and a whole lot of other herbs, so the oil gets infused with whatever goodness is there in these herbs. My grandma used to make it earlier, and I think its still a very common thing in many places, at least, in Kerala. As for the curry leaves, you just take some coconut oil, the amount you would need for a one-time use, heat it in a small katori (I use a small tadka vessel for this cos that has a handle) along with a few fresh curry leaves finely chopped. Don’t overheat the oil, just make it hot..not smoking hot and definitely not boiling or whatever cos it will just catch fire. Just hot thats it. Leave the leaves in the oil till the oil cools down, and then use it 🙂 Please be careful while doing this, and if you are not used to being in the kitchen, ask someone to do it for you 🙂 🙂

      1. Yum…Yum…I can almost smell this concoction!
        I love coconut oil so yeah I’m going to try this, if I don’t eat it first 😐

          1. Not a fan of sugar 😛
            But anything with curry leaves and coconut…YUM
            This whole thing only exacerbates my Saturday morning nothing to eat situation… :((

    2. make paste of curry leaves into small balls and dri it……then put those balls into the coconut oil and heat it mildly till the extacts are evenly drained onto the oil……
      in case of hibicus dry those flowers in dim sunlight for two to three days and then put those dried flowers in the coconut oil and heat it…..

  1. Hey Radhika , :yes: ? i follow the same procedure of heating Oil with dry hibiscus flowers bought from local ayurvedic shops( few years back we were in a house which had a hibiscus tree so i used add fresh flowers), methi seeds & some other herbs. I make about 1000ml of this & it lasts for a long time. Didn’t know curry leaves could be used for hair too! ?:-)

  2. I didnt know this curry leaves recipe either….a friend of mine from college told me this. She was from Kerala and she used to have a big bottle of this oil with her, and she told me to try this out – errr..me from Kerala too, but I didn’t know this 😀 😀 My dad’s mom, she used to put peppercorns in the coconut oil and heat that oil and use..don’t know what purpose it serves though ?:-) ?:-)

  3. Hey Zeeba good work! I’m really loving all your stuff here latety 🙂
    As someone who’s trying to replenish her hair to its old glory these tips will be very helpful. :yes:

    I just want to clear something about coconut oil out. While it doesn’t “promote” hair growth (well the only thing that does is genetics and well time 😐 ), it along with olive oil are the only two oils that penetrate the hair and skin. Thus, they’re the only ones that have the ability to “repair” damaged hair. 😀

    If you’ve been using other oils, don’t throw them away. Because these oils coat the cuticle and prevent friction. In the end you lose less hair to weakening and breakage over time. 😎

        1. he he he..is it for the coming appointment at IMBB??? :snicker: :heh: :heh: ..I see… :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

          1. Hubby changed for me, but now you reminded me Cali… 😀




            I will find something else for that matter ;P :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

      1. For Chrissake 😀 let us all wear bathing suits, so we clear the second doubt Rads, if ya know wht i mean 😛 :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

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    1. Shall we call him Mr. P?? 😀 :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: oh wait a minute did it sound like Pee to you gals as well?? :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :idk:

  5. Hey zeeba cool post 😎 will definitely try it out. Few years back even i used to use lemon & yogurt pack, but later got to know that since lime has high content of vit C it does have a bleaching action…though it’s a very good remedy for dandruff!

      1. Don’t ask stupid questions Ikky..just act as if we were really good or something..grrrrrrrr…I need to teach you some tact!!! Did you see how I immediately accepted it was our beshtest behavior..just grin and act all goody goody…fast fast

  6. A very useful article but its just that I hate to oil my hair and my skin breaks out even with the smell of oil :shout: …Is there something else I can try out, like a hair pack , which I don’t have to keep for more than 2/3 hrs to grow my hair longer??

  7. i have lot of dandruff in my hairs i have used different anti dandruff shampoos but no way dandruff is still irritating me what to do?

    1. use lemon juice.
      apply lemon juice on ur scalp..keep it for half an hour and rinse with water..
      do this regularly..may b weekly twise like that…u will feel better…

  8. ma hair is weak n thin and doesnt grow beyond a length..plzz help me.. i am indian from himachal.. anybdy plzz help me … sob! sob! sob! :tongue:

  9. Hot oil massaging helps a lot and makes hair grow.Drinking plently of water makes hair strongth and retains that extra shine :preen:

  10. hi,its guriya. i am an indian. my elder sister wants a long hair.. it doesn,t grow so much. it jst grow up to shoulder and then she has to cut her hair. we use coconut oil of patanjali ramdev baba. she works in the office. she feels very bad seeing others hair long. cos before college life she has the long hair…… bt dnt knw why its stop to grow. she use heena but not getting any solution.she will get marry after 2month. so i want a fast and healthy solution for long hair. within this 2month if she get a good long hair then this will be a great thanks to you,from my side. we want homemade solution and we are pure veg. so we can’t use eggs. plsssss help me.

  11. am from uganda. this is for guriya. what i do buy amla hair oil,u can use it as shampoo{mix it with coconut oil and amla and lemon} or as hair oil. what we do is put a little bit of water then put on {amla and coconut oil and massage it itnto the scalp }. donot shampoo ur hair orus electonics like{blow dry flat iron}.another thing is donot over wash ur hair. it breaks. exercise, balance diet and drink lots of water. rtrust me ur hair will become soft as ever. try it.

  12. u can also try mustard oil mixed wid awla bhringraj methi kalaunji bramhi powder (each of dem in powder )should be mixed well together and den it should be kept 3-6 months inside the soil to absorb moisture and everything within the earth it gives a tremendous result in preventing grays and supports growth well the method above is totally traditional Indian method….

  13. I have long hairs bt they are very thin. My hair length is till my back bt m facing hair fall. Can you please guide me how to take care of my hairs. My hairs are oily and light weight.

  14. I ve got too long hair n vry smooth n silky hair..maintaing dem in dis summer realy a dificult job. Thx fr such wonderful post…

  15. Mam my hairs were doing well earlier but then I get to know about some home remedies. I mixed onion crush with coconut oil n heated them.. I used to massage it thrice a week but don’t know what happened… I m facing hair loss.. Even I just wave my hand through my hairs or oil massaging or combing.. I saw tramandious hair loss.. m so worried about it I already have less thin volume hair type don’t know what to do…… Even my hairs rnt growing well I took several hair cuts, trriming but no results… They aren’t going down from my chestline..n now this hair fall.. Has made me mad. What to do m just17

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