Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing Pack Review

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I have come across enormous hair packs with some or the other beneficial ingredient or might be a blend or two or more. But I was surprised and excited immensely when I spotted this one. It contains the power of 9 herbs and when I read the herbs I surely had to take some of these. The name itself “Power of 9 herbs” is so impactful, isn’t it? And I just couldn’t resist. Let’s see whether this pack was able to show its power or not.

Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing Pack (3)

Rs 60 for 60 grams

Product description:
Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing pack with the powder of 9 herbs nourishes the hair and enhances hair growth. It is an effective remedy for common hair problem like dandruff, hairfall and premature greying. It revitalize the hair,making it health and lustrous. Name of the 9 herbs Brahmi, aritha, henna, methi, shikai, Hibiscus, brhingraj, amla & neem.

Directions for use:
Take the required amount of Banjara’s hair revitalizing pack in a bowl and add sufficient quantity of water to make a paste. Apply the paste all over the scalp and allow it to remain for 15-20 minutes Rinse off thoroughly with water.

Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing Pack (1)

My Experience With Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing Pack:

Banjara’s revitalizing hair pack comes in a palm-sized sachet which is pretty sleek and handy too. The price as compared to other hair packs is comparatively cheap and availability is great. The sachet comes in black and white colour and has all the ingredients mentioned clearly. The ingredients list is very impressive and this pack contains all the natural herbs that the hair needs to maintain its health. The bad part is that the sachet once broken has to be stapled as there is no zip-lock. Hence storage might be a bit messy.

Coming to the product, it is muddy brown powder which smells strongly of those herbal ingredients. I opened the sachet close to my nose and I kept sneezing, so be careful about that. The pack just has to be mixed with water till you get the desired consistency and then it has to be applied directly to the scalp. I wish it could be applied to the entire shaft as my ends are pretty damaged. The paste does not drip in any way. I usually keep the pack around 20 minutes and then rinse it off followed by shampoo and conditioner. The product has to be rinsed very well or it might cause a build-up. Rinsing it is a tedious job as your scalp needs to be squeaky clean, hence I always shampoo after removing it.

The smell however stays a bit for the next 1-2 days which I don’t like. The temporary effects were that it made my hair soft, silky, made it shiny, healthy looking, etc. but what I noticed was that my fingertips turned orange when I was applying it and then I realised OMG!! this contains Henna! I do not like using it because it definitely added a change to my hair colour making it look like that typical tacky red colour and I just hate it. So be careful while using this if you have coloured hair.

Coming to permanent results, this reduced my hair fall pretty well not instantly but after some uses. My hair also looked healthy and could fly freely as they did not look chemically treated at all even if they were. It helps me make my hair a bit voluminous thus making them healthy looking in each and every way. So basically, I love how this worked but beware of the henna in it! This is something that might restrict my regular usage of this pack.

Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing Pack

Pros Of Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing Pack:

  • Comes at a very cheap cost in a decent packaging.
  • Very easy to use and apply; just mix it with water and apply on the scalp.
  • The consistency remains thick and not runny at all; so does not drip.
  • Contains 9 amazing herbs which are all great for the hair in some or the other way.
  • Does not irritate or itch my scalp.
  • Makes the roots stronger and reduces hair-fall if used regularly.
  • Makes hair shiny and silky and does each and every-thing possible to maintain the health of the hair.
  • Does not leave the hair greasy or oily after using.
  • A nice product to provide regular nourishment to the hair.

Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing Pack (2)

Cons Of Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing Pack:

  • Storage is a mess; once torn has to be stapled.
  • Can’t be applied on the hair; it’s just for the scalp.
  • Washing it and removing the product from the hair might seem a little tedious.
  • It contains henna, which might just change the hair colour a bit.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Banjara’s Hair Revitalizing Pack?
Yes I do recommend it and will get some more of these pouches. As this contains so many natural herbal ingredients will help to give my hair some natural treatment. I use this twice a week and it definitely makes some difference to my hair.

IMBB Rating:

I don’t think there might be any pack which will provide you more than this does as the ingredient list is amazing and tempting. And in addition, it is really cheap so get some of these and try them out


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  1. Seems really good if it controls hair fall but I am never sure about using henna on my hair. I understand how messy such herbals products can make one’s bathroom but so worth it!

    1. Yes this has soo many herbs which cannot be missed… but yes messy to use.. and i have to beware of the henna always.. so i dont really keep it long 🙂

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