Banjara’s Multani with Saffron Face Pack – Review

Banjara’s Multani with Saffron Face Pack

Hello lovely ladies,

With the upcoming summer I have already made arrangements of good face packs and other skin care essentials. Today I will be reviewing my recent purchase of Banjara’s face pack called Multani with Saffron powder, sounds lucrative right? So let’s get started.

Product Description:

Multani with saffron is a complete herbal face pack with a high amount of pure multani mitti-(a rich alkaline soil). The highly effective ayurvedic mixture of herbs such as turmeric and red sandal extract makes the sin tone several shades lighter naturally.

Banjara;s Multani with Saffron Face Pack

What does Saffron do?

The saffron extract corrects the imbalance and neutralizes the skin shade giving you a perfect remedy for acne and blemishes. Its deep cleansing action unclogs the pores and lifts excess oil and impurities this helps to purify the skin leaving it fresh and clean.

Product Claims:

Lightens skin color, adds luster and glow. Also acts as a deep cleanser. It is suitable for all sin types : D

Multani, Turmeric, Saffron Extract.

Usage Directions:

Make a paste of powder and water to form a thin paste. Apply all on the face and neck except the eyes. Leave it for about 15 minutes ad wash it with luke warm water.

Banjara;s Multani with Saffron Face Pack (4)

100 gm

Shelf Life:

Three years.

Banjara;s Multani with Saffron Face Pack (3)

My experience with Banjara’s Multani and Saffron Face Pack:

I had never heard of this brand until I read IMBB reviews. I got somewhat convinced about the quality and effectiveness and went ahead with the purchase. The product comes in a red paper carton box which is very good looking: P Inside comes a transparent plastic packet containing the powder. The powder is very fine, which can be easily mixed with water/rose water/curd. My preference is to mix with curd and rose water. Curd is great moisturizing and bleaching , it’s natural and good to be used for face pack. Rose water is one of the most loved products to be used for face pack mixing. Its natural, refreshing and gives a glow to the skin.

Banjara;s Multani with Saffron Face Pack (5)

I mix these three ingredients together and form a medium consistency paste which is not very runny to drip down the face. The face pack is to be kept for 15 minutes at least; I keep it till it becomes dry and starts to feel stretchy. Usually usage of cold water is easy, but they recommend use of warm water to rinse it off. I use running water, and take it off in circulatory motion. It comes out easily. After wash, skin tends to become little dry as the content is mainly “multani mitti” which causes dryness. But the skin feels refreshed, deeply cleaned and dirt free.


Banjara;s Multani with Saffron Face Pack

I recommend using it as an after pack for facials at home. It gives good results. You can also mix some scrub (rice powder, orange peel powder, masoor dal powder).

Pros of Banjara’s Multani and Saffron Face Pack:

• Totally herbal contents.
• Rich ingredients.
• Best suited for oily skin.
• Skin fees squeaky clean after use.
• Value for money.
• Can be mixed with other desired ingredient for different results.
• Smell is not very strong.
• Skin feels fair after wash.
• Long shelf life.

Banjara;s Multani with Saffron Face Pack (6)

Cons of Banjara’s Multani and Saffron Face Pack:

• Packaging should have been more durable and portable.
• Has a drying effect after use.
• Though it claims for all skin types, dry skinned beauties must mix some oil, curd or cream to avoid excessive dryness.
• Storage hassles.

Do I recommend Banjara’s Multani and Saffron Pack?

Dry skin ladies should give it a miss if you do not like curd, oil in your pack. It’s worth a try for oily-skinned for coming summers.

Will I Repurchase Banjara’s Multani and Saffron Pack?

No, I have many other face packs already. I tried it was decent enough, will try other products from this range.

IMBB Rating:


At this price one can try it out and keep this as a spare face pack after home facial. Good for summers. Hope you find this review helpful. Thanks for reading this, thank you and take care everyone.


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    1. yes multani dries the skin; u can use milk cream with the mix or 2-3 drops of mustard oil.
      i generally use curd; it suits me a lot.

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